Core Competencies

Open Doors uniqueness is found in our core competencies.  Take a moment and discover how accessibility, scalability, credibility, and invisibility are crucial to meet the needs effectively of persecuted Christians worldwide.

What makes Open Doors unique is our ability to get things done. With God’s guidance, we have attained the accessibility, scalability, and credibility necessary to make a real difference in the lives of persecuted Christians worldwide. All while maintaining a level of invisibility that deflects attention away from us and towards our partners and ultimately, Jesus Christ. 

Take accessibility. It’s more than getting into a place. It’s having the commitment and connections to uncover what’s really going on. Without getting anyone hurt. For more than 50 years, Open Doors has been using every Christian means available to access our persecuted brethren. Whether the battle is behind the iron curtain, the bamboo curtain or in the fire of religious terrorism, we quietly and effectively get in and stay until the job is done.

Global access is great, but you also need scalability to make a broad impact. Delivering even one suitcase of Bibles helps, but lives change faster when you can deliver a million Bibles to somewhere like Russia and China - overnight. Open Doors networks with thousands of pastors. We lead thousands of conferences. And we create hundreds of thousands of evangelists. Great things are accomplished when executed on such a grand scale.

Of course, our accessibility and scalability hinge entirely on our credibility. Open Doors goes to great lengths so as not to exploit any information regarding the persecuted church. And we have a reputation for always speaking objectively and powerfully to policy makers and governments on national and international levels, as well as donors seeking to make Kingdom investments. Credibility is further earned through our own primary research. Our partners, wonderful organizations like Focus on the Family, Campus Crusade for Christ and Child Evangelism Fellowship, trust us enough to use this research to launch their initiatives. 

Mentioning partners brings us to our final core competency - invisibility. Our work has never been about promoting Open Doors. Most people have no idea we’re working closely with their favorite ministries. We share our networks and relationships when doing so protects and serves the spiritual interests of Christians in harm’s way. It doesn’t matter that the credit often goes elsewhere. We just want to exalt Jesus Christ by empowering persecuted Christians around the world. Get materials in the hands of those who need them.

Accessibility. Scalability. Credibility. Invisibility.  Those four molecules make up our DNA. We go in. We ramp up. We do what we say. And we stay out of the limelight. Pray with us. Take some action. Find a way to give. Persecuted Christians everywhere need your help.