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Brother Andrew has said, "Prayer is not preparation for the battle. Prayer is the battle."


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  • Prayers Are Sustaining Deborah Shettima

    Apr 21 2014

    "I feel at peace whenever I pronounce a word of forgiveness upon the people who destroyed my peace by killing my beloved husband and taking away my children," says Deborah Shettima. On April 25, 2013, ...

  • Uzbek Believer Forsakes American Dream

    Apr 21 2014

    Growing up in Uzbekistan, 37-year-old Askar (pseudonym) had always craved freedom. America was the Promised Land, not the Soviet Union. His desire to move to the US became even stronger after he ...

  • Malatya Murder Trial Postponed...Again

    Apr 21 2014

    Seven long years have passed since three Christians were tortured and killed in southeast Turkey, and the Malatya trial's 93rd hearing has again been postponed for yet another 10 weeks, until June ...

  • Sister Silvia—Living Out the Message of Easter in Aleppo

    Apr 21 2014

    A tiny, shy, soft-spoken woman dressed in plain clothing is making an enormous impact on the lives of the people of Aleppo, Syria. This past month, Sister Silvia (pseudonym) has pondered the ...

  • “Don’t Overlook Us: We Need Help Now”

    Apr 13 2014

    The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon says that immediate action is needed to stop the killing in the Central African Republic (CAR), citing "grave and deplorable atrocities," and "to prevent the ...