How North Korean Christians Pray, and How You Can Pray for Them

Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am faint...My soul is in deep anguish. How long, Lord, how long?  Turn, Lord, and deliver me….” Psalm 6:2-4

North Korean Soldier

Secret letters from North Korean Christians express how much they appreciate our prayers and practical support. One church leader wrote, “Without you we would not be able to function as Christians.” Along with their gratitude, several secret church leaders related specific prayer requests.

With burdened hearts they share that many refugees who were arrested in China and repatriated are now in North Korea’s notorious prisons. Some that had converted managed to conceal their newfound faith and were released after serving their sentence. After months of “reeducation” in the prisons, the biggest challenge they face is not holding onto the truth, but learning how to live as a human being again. They say that after months or years of being treated as an animal, many have become selfish, rude and even violent. The letters asked us to pray for those going through the difficult transition to life after the prison.

Physical survival is also one of the top requests for prayer. North Korean church leaders say that Christians and other civilians struggle to collect enough food, medicines and other daily necessities to survive. Though ashamed to ask, each letter humbly requests that we send more aid, while expressing gratitude for how much they have already received. In consideration of this great need, our prayers should focus on petitioning God to bless the land and hold back any natural disasters, like typhoons or drought, in 2013.

Christians working with North Korean refugees have also asked for our prayers, in particular for protection. With increasing numbers of North Korean spies trying to infiltrate Christian and human rights networks, the situation has become even more dangerous. They also ask for prayer that Kim Jong-Un would pull back his troops and that Christians would be able to discern whether a person can be trusted. Lastly they ask that we petition God on their behalf for great fruit in their work, adding that the more refugees that take Jesus back to North Korea, the stronger the Church gets.

Listed are approximately 45 prayer point suggestions, divided into five categories, so we can pray specifically for the political situation, the economic situation, the social situation, ministry work and the church. In addition, there is a sixth category for giving thanks to our Lord.

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  • Victoria
    Nov 28 2012 on 11:15

    Father God, please let there be protection for Your Children in North Korea and those scattered about in China and hunted down as if they were criminals. Yes God, let there be countless converts as well in China. Yes Lord, this upheaval all means that Jesus is coming any day. You know the suffering and the persecution Your Children are experiencing, to the point where Satan steals all hope, tries to destroy all truth planted in them, as those released from prison suffer so much that they make others suffer as well. Yes Father, let the shofar be blown and send us Your Beloved Son and let us reign with Him and destroy the works of Satan in people's lives, their governing authorities and the spies who yearn to turn them in for the false accusation of "betrayal to the state", in Jesus' Name, AMEN.

  • anita
    May 01 2013 on 08:08

    Please pray that God will save my marriage. Ever since i got married to Richard i had my doubts about him before we got married, he was being so unfaithful but i was too blind to see it. He Lied about being a christian as we met in church as soon as we got married he stopped coming to church, it was all an act. Currently im 7 months pregnant, on top of his unfaithfulness hes been so violent and aggressive towards me that ive had to leave to stay with my mum for now. The worst part of it is that hes so cruel to me and i dont know why, hes very controlling and manipulative and hes been a compulsive liar. I cant believe i believed him when we were dating i honestly thought he was a decent christian man who loved God, living with him ive seen its all an act. I tried today to talk to him but he said he doesent want our marriage. Hes been living a double life wkth me his wife and with another girl from another church who has no idea hes got a pregnant wife. Hes brought that girl into our house and on our bed and still has continued having affairs. Hes been so cold and unkind. My heart is broken severly because hes not showing me love, were both young and this is our first child and i hoped we would share these previous moments together. i want God to save my husband and our marriage despite what hes done or what hes doing, i have forgiven and am willing to forgive even more. Its just become too much for me to bear i dont know how im going to look after this baby and i dont want a broken family.

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