You can become part of a national volunteer force of Bridgebuilders to inspire and unite people in churches and communities around the USA to support and empower persecuted Christians. You can help Christians in America connect with the living faith of persecuted Christians. And when you do, you help unite the body of Christ to become one strong body!

Volunteer Roles

How you do it

  • Complete Open Doors on-line training series
  • Become part of a team
  • Set goals and make a one year commitment to serve in this role

Who you are

  • Possess a passion and desire to strengthen persecuted Christians
  • Are spiritually mature
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Have access to a network (churches, online social networks, businesses, small groups, individuals, etc.) to spread the word about persecution
  • Are electronically connected – email/internet

Ways you will grow

  • Increased wisdom about persecuted Christians
  • Experience in a Christian non-profit environment
  • Develop professional communication skills

If you are interested to become a Bridgebuilder, please fill out our application