To the Ends of the Earth

Go..."To the Ends of the Earth"

Open Doors has a variety of opportunities for both individuals and organized teams from your church, college, men's ministry, women's ministry, or Bible study group to come face to face with our church family living under persecution.  Whether it's delivering Bibles or encouraging believers through compassion and prayer…one thing is for certain…lives will be changed!


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How much time is required?

Most of the trips are from one to two weeks in length.  The length of time required to prepare for travel is a minimum of 12 weeks.  

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Who will be on the trip?

If you join an Open Doors International trip as an individual, you will be traveling with other Christians from around the world including countries such as Brazil, Denmark, UK, Australia, etc. These types of trips are best suited for seasoned international travelers.

If you organize a team from your church or small group, you decide who goes! Each teammember must however complete the application process and be approved by Open Doors. A team can be as small as five members to a maximum of twelve. Please contact our missions department at to find out how Open Doors can arrange a trip that meets the specific needs of your group and the needs of believers worldwide. When appropriate, a member of our staff will accompany your team on the trip.

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Where will our team travel to?

Each year we design trips to countries where the believers face discouragement, lack Christian of education and training, and loneliness. They desperately want your prayers but they also want your presence as a tangible demonstration that they are not alone. Though we might not end the persecution, we can offer hope and encouragement by showing we care enough to visit. The decision on where and when to travel is made by your team and based on appropriate timing within the restricted country.

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How will we know what to do?

Once team members' applications have been approved, we will train and prepare you for the trip. Like thousands of short-term mission travelers that Open Doors has trained, you will be supplied with all the information needed to be blessed and be a blessing to others. 

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What will the trip cost?

Trip expenses vary depending on the country visiting and the number of participants. Some trips are as low as $500.00 for the week, but the average is approximately $1200.00 per person for a two week trip. This includes your accommodations, meals and in-country transportation. Each member is responsible for acquiring their international flight to the country visiting, passport, visa, in-country medical insurance, and any incidentals such as sightseeing and personal items.

Who pays for the trip?

Though each member is responsible to cover the cost of the trip, Open Doors will provide suggestions for sponsorship. Our goal is to include family, friends and your church community. Although you will be Jesus' feet, your supporters will be Jesus' heart - all contributing members in the body of Christ. Once you/or your team is approved for the mission trip we will provide support raising ideas, including letters and fun events.

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Who should go?

Travelers must be at least 18 years or older and have committed their life to Christ. If any member is over the age of 65, a medical release from a doctor is required. The maximum age to travel with Open Doors is 70 years.

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Do we need to be a United States citizen?

To apply through this US office. Yes.

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Beginning the Mission - What to do next?

1. Pray and ask God to show you if He is calling you to reach the lives of other believers around the world.

2. Contact Open Doors regarding mission trip opportunities.

3. Complete the application process. All travelers must submit to Open Doors’ a completed application from, provide two character references, and complete a commitment to serve form. You can email and request the forms and any additional information or call the Missions Department at (949) 752-6600. 

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After the Mission Trip - How Can I Further Serve?

Each person that travels on an Open Doors mission trip becomes an ambassador of the persecuted church. Travelers who have visited the field have asked us to provide them with unique and effective ways to continue in their service to persecuted Christians upon returning home.  Working closely with a local Open Doors representative you will  determine the program and level of commitment that best serves your unique gifts and the persecuted church.

Whether it is a financial commitment to raise funds to support a project, or a time commitment serving within your local community, you will be a blessing to those who need your help. Here are just a few opportunities available:

1. BridgeBuilder – Commit to serve for one year building a bridge between the persecuted church and your home church. Click Here for more info on becoming an Open Doors BridgeBuilder.

2. World Bible Ambassador/Sponsor – Commit to serve for one year enlisting sponsors to give a monthly the gift of a Bible or choose to become a Sponsor and send Bibles each month. Click Here for more information.

3. Pray - Commit to support the persecuted church in prayer by signing up to receive the Weekly Prayer Alert

4. Open Doors Speaker – Commit to serve for one year as a speaker at events. By contacting churches, schools, and mission fairs, you will create opportunities to speak as well as being available to share and present at pre-determined events.

Other opportunities are available; this is just a sample of some of the ways that you can continue to serve after you return home.

If you are interested to hear more information about our trips, please emails us at

Please download our 2014 trip list.