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U.S. Pastor Brunson Publicly Forgives His Persecutors—as Turkey Calls for Fourth Hearing

After numerous optimistic reports that U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson would finally be released at the end of his…

No Homecoming for Boko Haram Victims—One Woman’s Story of Scorn, Sorrow and Saving Faith

For young women liberated from Boko Haram captivity, rescue and return to their community often bring more pain…

Is Another Boko Haram Emerging in Previously Untroubled Southeast Africa?

A number of attacks, including several beheadings, have raised alarms over the emergence of another Boko Haram and a…

How Malaysia and North Korea Inspire Us to Pray Impossible Prayers

Recent events in Malaysia and North Korea inspire us to continue to fervently pray, especially when it seems…

Why a Turkish Newspaper Is Reporting the ‘Imminent’ Release of U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson

A lead Turkish commentator suggested that the continued imprisonment of U.S. Pastor Andrew Bunson is further complicating ties…

Church Hosts Dinner for Persecuted Believers 15 Years in a Row

The experience was powerful and helped create unity, solidarity and hope for those who suffer for His Name.

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