Open Doors USA CEO David Curry testifies in U.S. Congress

In late June 2019, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission convened a congressional hearing to focus on the right to religious freedom, specifically for minority Christian populations worldwide. As one of four speakers asked to offer testimony and recommendations for U.S. policy, Open Doors USA CEO David Curry spoke on the plight of global Christians. He told the story of a persecuted believer from Nigeria, and then encouraged the United States to take a leadership role in religious freedom worldwide.

“While Open Doors is working tirelessly to bring relief to those who suffer from severe religious freedom violations, more must be done to address the underlying factors that allow violations of religious freedom to occur in the first place,” Curry said. “This is where the United States, including Congress and the executive branch, can play a pivotal role.” He then offered Congress specific suggestions. It was a powerful opportunity to share the needs of persecuted Christians in the halls of American power.