Stories of Modern Day Bible Smugglers

At the height of the Cold War, Open Doors Founder Brother Andrew saw and heard a need. Christians behind the Iron Curtain had no access to Bibles.

Brother Andrew became a Bible smuggler, sneaking the gospel into communist countries, believing that sharing his faith in Jesus was worth every danger he faced.

Today, the world has changed. But in many countries, Christians are still persecuted, living as secret believers. They have no access to the Word of God. Today, there are still Bible smugglers.

Like Brother Andrew, Open Doors team members still take on risks to bring Scripture into hostile countries. In this new eBook, you’ll meet modern-day Bible smugglers like Viktor in Central Asia, Abdul in Saudi Arabia, and Bao, a believer in Vietnam—and hear their stories of adventure and impact.

If you’ve ever dreamed of risking to build the Kingdom of God, or just want to be inspired to faithfully live out your unique calling, this eBook filled with real-life stories of courageous believers is a must-read.

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