The 2016 World Watch List

For the 14th consecutive year, North Korea ranks as the most hostile place to be a Christian on the Open Doors World Watch List.  North Korea continues to be the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian.
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On Capitol Hill, A Warm (And Miraculous) Welcome For Open Doors' Guest From Kenya

Gladys arrived in mid-January to share her firsthand story of persecution at the Open Doors World Watch List Press Conference. I was honored to escort this courageous woman of faith to a series of meetings on Capitol Hill.
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Lebanon_refugee family

Muslims Turn to Christ in Unprecedented Numbers Pt. 1

The Islamic State has been filling the headlines for a long time and filling the hearts of many people in the Middle East with fear. But in the midst of all this, the church in the Middle East is showing the love of Christ to those who fled their homes. Muslims in the Middle East are turning to Jesus in unprecedented numbers.
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Iran_2009_0260006380 man

Every Day In Prison Was A Lesson From the Lord

Pastor Reza* is a follower of Christ in Iran. He has a leading role in a house church and was imprisoned for this. Through these most difficult struggles, he came to know the deep peace of the Lord.
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Central Asia - pastor

Pray For This Pastor As He Faces An Impossible Choice

For Pastor Omar* in Central Asia, preaching the gospel could very well cost him everything. Last week, the National Security Department summoned him with a warning that he must stop holding church meetings, threatening arrest and imprisonment should he not comply.
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