10 Christians Arrested in Eritrea

May 12, 2017 by Janelle P in

We just learned of the arrest of ten Christians from a home in Ginda, about 28 miles northeast of the capital, Asmara, Eritrea this past Tuesday.

The group includes four women and six men who are currently held at the Ginda Police Station. As far as we know, no charges have been pressed.

The government’s treatment of Christian prisoners has received a great deal of international attention. Many are locked in shipping containers and have died as a result.

A map of a group of detention camps was released by Amnesty International, revealing that this is where thousands of political prisoners are held, including those suspected of criticizing the government and family members of people who’ve fled the country.

Earlier this year, we shared with you Aberash’s testimony of life inside an Eritrean prison. He was placed in isolation, in a small cell about 6 ft. x 8 ft. No mattress – just a bare floor. They were only allowed out in the sun for 30 minutes on Sundays.

Please join us to pray for these ten believers and for the horrific conditions they are likely facing at this very moment. Pray for God to provide signs of encouragement or grace, just as Aberash experienced with others smuggling in pages from the Bible to him. Pray for these believers to find ways to share the gospel with their persecutors. May God use their time in prison, and possibility even shipping containers, for His glory.

To aid persecuted Christians in Eritrea, Open Doors works through local partners to provide them with livelihood assistance, practical aid, discipleship support and more.  

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