15 Specific Prayers for God’s Work in Iraq

November 9, 2017 by Joshua Pease in Stories of Persecution

1. Pray for the tension after the Kurdish referendum for independence. The vote has caused more instability in the region. Pray for peace and pray for God’s wisdom for the people who are invited to vote.

2. The schools in the Nineveh Plains have reopened in liberated areas. Pray for wisdom and love for the teachers and pupils.

3. It has been one year since the Christian villages in the Nineveh Plains were liberated. Thank God that the return is getting up to speed now. Pray for hope, courage and enthusiasm to rebuild the community as many houses have been destroyed and many people have emigrated.

4. Thank God for the Muslims and Christians who are willing to work together towards peace. Thank God for the Muslim man who recently came to Archbishop Yohanna Petros Mouche and offered to finance the rebuilding of a destroyed church. Continue to pray for a peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians.

5. Thank God for the growing faith among Christians in Iraq. Archbishop Yohanna Petros Mouche reports: “Three years of displacement have shaken the faith of the Christians. But I see that many have come closer to God; their faith has become stronger. You can see the churches are full.”

6. Thank God for the positive role the Church is playing in the Christian community: “The Church gives us the will to be back. We are lost without the Church,” says believer Youssif.

7. Pray for 12-year-old Noeh who recently returned to his village Karamles with his family. They are temporarily living in the house of his aunt who emigrated. They are happy to be back, though the electricity and water supply isn’t always working.

8. Pray for 7-year-old Salina, who also returned to her village with her family. She misses her friends in Erbil and finds it hard to adjust to life back in her own village.

9. Continue to pray for Baghdad. Violence is continuing, and recently, a bomb attack killed 12 people. The Church in Baghdad is shrinking because of emigrations due to violence. Pray for those who aren’t able to leave or don’t want to leave. Also, pray for their priests and other leaders. Pray that the Christian community will be a light in the darkness.

10. Pray for the 1,400 women and children that are being held by the Iraqi authorities because they are related to IS fighters. Pray that they will find mercy and will get to know the Lord.

11. The fight against ISIS is entering its last phase, according to local sources. Pray for peace in Iraq.

12. Thank God for the liberation of the Christian woman Rana Esso who was recently released from three years of IS captivity. She is now back with her family. Pray for healing for what she has been through.

13. Thank God for the ongoing work that can be done through our partners. Thank God for the recent youth meetings that could take place in Al Qosh and Banasor.

14. Thank God for the rebuilding work that can be done through our partners. An inhabitant of Bashiqa proudly shows the new windows, electricity and doors he could put into his house with the help of partners. Pray that he and his family will feel at home again after IS members have occupied their house for nearly three years.

15. Pray for those who are trying to pick up their lives in their old villages and those trying to earn a living again. Those like Hathem who has taken up building gates and restoring water tanks in his family’s workshop after returning to his village.

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