20,000 Bibles – A Stream of Living Water in the Palestinian Church

March 30, 2016 by Brianna Nishie in Bible and Gospel Advancement


A New Reformation?


In less than twelve months they were completely out of stock—20,000 special edition New Testaments for Palestinian Orthodox believers. For many families, this Bible is the first one they have personally owned. A key church leader said about this project, “We should have done this 2,000 years ago.”


It must have felt the same at the beginning of the Reformation, centuries ago in Europe. All of a sudden the Word of God was available to them; for the first time they were actually reading the gospel. It was the beginning of a huge spiritual revival.


10 Bibles : 1 Church


In the Greek Orthodox Church, the denomination to which most Palestinian Christians belong, spiritual life has much to do with sacraments, symbols and traditions which are embedded in daily worship meetings in the church.


“One priest I know had just ten Bibles in his church,” shares Nashat Filmon, Executive Director of the Palestinian Bible Society. “Orthodox families didn’t have the opportunity to read the Bible at home at all.”


A New-New Testament


That changed recently. In early 2015 the positive relations between the Palestinian Bible Society and the leadership of the Orthodox Church resulted in the publication of an Orthodox New Testament.


There was a huge demand for the New Testaments. Within a year all 20,000 copies had been given out to Palestinian Christian families, most of them on the West Bank, Gaza and Israel.


Life and Refreshment


The Bible Society expects a strong spiritual impact from the Bible printing project aimed at Palestinian Christians. “This is a stream of Living Water flowing through the Orthodox Church. Revival is about to happen because the Word of God is available in a whole new way,” Nashat says.


 “Pray for a reformation among Palestinian Christians and a fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit to go through the church,” he asks.


And to that, we say, “Amen.”






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