Year: 2012

Open Doors - Dec 05, 2012

Make A Difference In 2012 For Religious Freedom!

Many of you remember our campaign asking congress to pass HR 440- to send an envoy to promote religious freedom in Central Asia and the Near East. Because of your help, the bill passed and was sent to Senate. Now the bill is being held up in Senate as S. 1245. The bill will die […]

Open Doors - Nov 30, 2012

A Special 12 Days of Christmas Starts Tomorrow!

I can’t believe it- December will be here tomorrow! The Christmas season will be in full force, as the 12 days of Christmas begins. The Christmas carol ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ talks about the 12 gifts that ‘my true love gave to me.’ Last year, we decided to focus these 12 days on providing […]

Open Doors - Oct 13, 2012

The Top Ten Things to Know About Life for Christians in Djibouti

Sometimes for security reasons, we cannot share a personal story from the country we are featuring on the Five Minute Challenge. This is the case for Djibouti. So instead here is a list of the Top Ten Things to Know about Djibouti: 1.    The republic of Djibouti is a Muslim/Majority nation with a small, predominantly […]

Open Doors - Jul 03, 2012

God Using A Strange Kid Like Me

I was kind of a weird kid growing up. I had a vivid imagination and random collections of things like corks or money from around the world. I spent most of free time inventing things or going on an archeological dig in my backyard, unsure if I would rather be an archeologist or an inventor […]

Open Doors - Jun 02, 2012

Did You Know- Chechnya Edition

Part of Russia, many are surprised that Chechnya is on the World Watch List today. Did you know: ·         Since 1990 there have many conflicts with separatists and pro-Russian authorities ·         Tourism has been on the rise since 2007. At the end of the Cold War tourism decreased significantly. ·         Chechens and Russian make up […]

Open Doors - Mar 22, 2012

A Story of Persecution- North Korea

With refugees like Moon it’s always difficult to get their full testimony. They feel ashamed about their past, or it just hurts too much to think about it, let alone explain it to others. That’s why people like Moon often only tell bits of pieces, giving us a glimpse into their world. There are not […]

Open Doors - Jan 30, 2012

World Watch List – Iraq | A Different Kind of Heroes

Daud and his two daughters There are times, seldom but eternally remembered, when I meet someone for the first time and, for some inexplicable reason, my heart immediately warms up towards them and I let down my defenses a bit quicker than I typically do. In hindsight, I am quick to see that first acquaintance […]

Open Doors - Jan 03, 2012

What to Expect from the World Watch List Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Open Doors will launch the World Watch List for 2012. The list ranks the top 50 countries in which it is most difficult to be a Christian. For the last 9 years, North Korea has topped the chart, as the most difficult place to be a Christian. The list is meant to be used […]