Month: January 2012

Open Doors - Jan 30, 2012

World Watch List – Iraq | A Different Kind of Heroes

Daud and his two daughters There are times, seldom but eternally remembered, when I meet someone for the first time and, for some inexplicable reason, my heart immediately warms up towards them and I let down my defenses a bit quicker than I typically do. In hindsight, I am quick to see that first acquaintance […]

Open Doors - Jan 03, 2012

What to Expect from the World Watch List Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Open Doors will launch the World Watch List for 2012. The list ranks the top 50 countries in which it is most difficult to be a Christian. For the last 9 years, North Korea has topped the chart, as the most difficult place to be a Christian. The list is meant to be used […]