Year: 2013

Open Doors - Dec 24, 2013

Iranian Pastor Released

*Representative photo used to protect identity. In May, we requested prayer as a pastor, his wife and two other church members began serving a one-year prison sentence. We are pleased to report that two of them have been released from prison! Recall that Pastor Farhad, his wife Shahnaz and two other church members, Davoud and […]

Open Doors - Dec 24, 2013

555 Challenge – Week #50 Niger

In reaction to the US-produced film on Islam, Muslim demonstrators burned the Catholic Church in Zinder, Niger’s second largest city, to the ground. Following the Jumu’ah prayers, Muslims gathered in crowds on the streets of Zinder protesting against the film that they say belittles Islam. The Muslims were allegedly responding on the calls from local […]

Open Doors - Dec 20, 2013

Shattered Dreams for Central African Bomb Victims

Anguish. Heartache. Distress. These are not words we typically associate with church, but for a group of Central African Christians attacked in a church bombing, these feelings come to the surface when they think about their church. “The church was full to capacity that Sunday morning. The pastor was busy greeting the congregation. Suddenly, there […]

Open Doors - Dec 16, 2013

555 Challenge – Week #49 Kyrgyzstan

If you have ever dealt with the loss of a loved one, you know that it is one of the most difficult things to go through. Not only are you grieving their loss, but there are a lot of small details to take care of, as well- funeral arrangements, the reading of a will and […]

Open Doors - Dec 13, 2013

Pray for Syria

The church in Syria has been shining brightly for 2000 years. But today, the future is looking dim. Syria’s 1.7 million Christians are being targeted. The church in Syria is fading. BUT the church is still there. They need our support. In Syria’s darkest hour help the Syrian church to continue to shine. Please don’t […]

Open Doors - Dec 13, 2013

The Enemy Is Shooting At Us!

Recently, Egyptian Christians feel like the Enemy is shooting at them because of ongoing and exhausting spiritual warfare. The tactics of the devil vary in nature and shape, but the outcome is always the same- to break the church down, and steal her testimony and peace granted by the Father. Two recent incidents manifest this […]

Open Doors - Dec 13, 2013

Christmas in Chains

In December of 2011, seven Christians in Laos were arrested and imprisoned by the local police for organizing a Christmas celebration in their village. The village chief said that the event was “against local customs”. The believers were detained, and authorities demanded that they pay 10 million Lao Kip for their freedom. “On the night […]

Open Doors - Dec 11, 2013

Sri Lanka’s Religious Climate

We sat down and interviewed a church leader from Sri Lanka regarding the status of Christianity in his country, and the things he talked about and the answers he gave were stunning: RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES: Although religious freedom is protected in Sri Lanka’s laws, individuals and groups who perpetrate attacks against religious minorities are seldom ended, […]

Open Doors - Dec 10, 2013

Praise Report for Alimjan Yimit in China!

A little over a year ago, we wrote about to Alimjan Yimit, a Uyghur Christian from China, on the blog. He was the leader of a house church in Kashgar. The Chinese government initially accused him of separatism and illegal religious infiltration, but these charges were later changed to “collecting and selling intelligence for overseas […]

Open Doors - Dec 09, 2013

555 Challenge – Week #48 Kazakhstan

One of the consequences of the restrictive law on religion that was signed by President Nursultan Nazarbaev on October 13, 2011 was the requirement that all religious groups should re-register before October 25, 2012. One day after this deadline has passed, the full consequences of this move became visible. The number of religious groups allowed […]