Month: July 2013

Open Doors - Jul 30, 2013

Christians Facing Persecution Via Text

“Merry Christmas.” Those two words composed the first text message ever sent. On December 3rd, 1992 Neil Papworth sent the world’s first short message service (SMS) or text message. That single message revolutionized the cellular world, and 20 years later text messaging has become part of daily life for many of us. In fact, a […]

Open Doors - Jul 29, 2013

The 5-5-5 Challenge: A Story Of Persecution In Algeria

Persecution in Algeria takes many forms: verbal and physical abuse, denigration and slander in the media from Islamist parties, forced divorce, and most recently, the loss of family inheritance under a law inspired by the Islamic Sharia. This is the case for Algerian believer named Mecheri Benslama. Mecheri Benslama is a 55 year old Christian […]

Open Doors - Jul 26, 2013

South Sudan Government Dissolved

Two years ago, South Sudan became the newest nation in the world. After decades of turmoil, South Sudan seceded from the north, forming a new country on July 9th, 2011. Many were hopeful that this change would bring peace to this area. However, some are fearful that recent events could cause a great deal of […]

Open Doors - Jul 25, 2013

“I Would Be An Ungrateful Man, If I Denied God After All He Has Done For Me”

When some Christians think back to when they first came to Christ, they think of the growth that took place when they were beginning to learn more about God, the Bible and faith. As they grew more and more in their faith, they learned what the Bible had to say about persecution and how we […]

Open Doors - Jul 24, 2013

How Your Support Helped A Christian Refugee In Iraq

It’s a happy chaos in the kindergarten; kids are running around, playing with toys and sitting on little swings. How many kids exactly? Aswad puts his hands in the air and smiled. “I don’t know,” he said, looking at his wife Eshal for help. “We have about 60 children from different ages now,” she says. […]

Open Doors - Jul 22, 2013

The 5-5-5 Challenge: A Story From Bhutan

Karen*is a Christian teenager in Bhutan and has asked us to pray for her parents who are non-Christians. “My mom and dad are still orthodox Hindus,” she said. “Please continue praying for them.” After finishing high school, Karen took a job at a beverage factory and moved out of her home town. She is staying […]

Open Doors - Jul 19, 2013

Grace’s Story

Grace is a 26 year old woman from Northern Nigeria. The dark purple dress she wore on the day we met illuminated her sad and piercing brown eyes. She had only been married for a year and a half when she lost her husband in an attack by Boko Haram. Boko Haram is the Islamic […]

Open Doors - Jul 19, 2013

Hannatu’s Story

Hannatu is 13 years old and wants to become a banker. Her favorite sport is basketball and she loves mathematics. She really likes the Book of Psalms because it tells her so much about who God is. One Sunday morning in June, Hannatu went to her Sunday school as she did every Sunday. But that […]

Open Doors - Jul 19, 2013

Usman’s Story

Imagine you are a Christian leader in Nigeria. For many years you have worked tirelessly to encourage Christians, evangelize to non-believers and serve as you felt led. You carry the burden of exhaustion because you have had to do all of this with limited resources. The violence against Christians in recent years has only added […]

Open Doors - Jul 19, 2013

Your Donations At Work In Syria

This infographic shows the different areas of Syria where Open Doors has been able to help persecuted Christians. The map indicates how many families were helped in each city or region. It is amazing what God has allowed us to do so far… we could not have done all of this without your help! Thank […]