Month: August 2013

Aug 30

My Trip- Meeting Persecuted Christians In Colombia

The following is from the winner of the “One Body, Many Gifts” contest, Alexandria Quinn. As a result of winning the contest, Alexandria was able to go to Colombia with Open Doors, to meet with persecuted Christians there. Take a moment to read about Alexandria’s incredible experience: As an artist, I struggled with the artistic […]

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Aug 29

How a Vacation Bible School Helped the Persecuted Church

Each year, thousands of churches around America host a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for local children to attend. The programs often include fun games, snacks and Bible lessons. It is a great way for churches to reach out to children in the community, and share Christ with them. One VBS group in Wisconsin decided to […]

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Aug 28

I Have A Dream For Persecuted Christians

Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and delivered one of the most powerful speeches in recent history. The “I Have A Dream” speech was instrumental in changing the course of civil rights in America. As we dwell on this historic day, Dr. King’s words continue […]

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Aug 26

The 5-5-5 Challenge: A Story Of Persecution In Kuwait

There are a few countries on the World Watch List that we can’t share stories from. Even if we were to use different names, the information could be traced back to the Christians mentioned in the stories. For their security, we are providing a different way to pray for this country this week. Here are […]

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Aug 23

Christian Family in Myanmar Stays In Spite of Rejection

Though it is challenging, many persecuted believers strive to view their oppressors with compassion, just as Jesus did in Luke 23:34 when He said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” As humans, it seems unnatural to act this way, but the gospel of Jesus can work miracles, even in the way […]

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