Month: September 2013

Sep 30

The 5-5-5 Challenge: What Life Is Like As A Christian In Azerbaijan

Censorship of religious materials is highly restrictive in Azerbaijan. All religious materials (literature, audio and video) produced in and imported into Azerbaijan must receive special approval from the State Committee, which also decides on the number of copies each title may be printed or imported. In December 2011, Criminal Code Article 167-2 specified this in […]

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Sep 26

Q & A With An Open Doors Co-worker In Kenya On The Recent Terrorist Attack

As many of us watched the horrific attack in Kenya unfold, we were unsure of what had happened to the seemingly peaceful Kenya. Now, we wonder what this means for the future of Kenya, and especially Christians there. The following is an interview with one of our field workers in the region, about all that […]

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Sep 25

The New China- How Things Have Changed For Christians In China

“Everything you have heard about China is true.” I love this quote… despite sounding rather ironic, it rings true- what might be happening in one region isn’t happening in another. China is a very large country with over 1.3 billion people, 23 provinces and multiple different languages. The main cities greatly differ from the rural […]

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Sep 23

The 5-5-5 Challenge: What Life Is Like As A Christian In China

Chinese Christians are sharing their faith on Weibo, China’s giant, state-regulated, social network and some are beginning to challenge the censorship by speaking out against religious persecution. When Christian band Rainbow Come appeared on China’s equivalent of “The X Factor,” Christians turned to social networking to drum up votes for the band so their music […]

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Sep 20

What Would You Do If Your City Was At Risk Of Being Under Sharia Law?

Christians living in areas where Sharia law is implemented face extreme persecution. Sharia law is a fundamental Islamic law that influences many aspects of everyday life with legal punishments. Their faith is illegal, and some of them risk honor killings if it is discovered that they are Christians. It would be very difficult to live […]

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