Month: October 2013

Open Doors - Oct 29, 2013

The 5-5-5 Challenge: Being A Persecuted Christian In Malaysia

*Representative photo used to protect identity. Malaysia is a country aiming strongly to preserve what it perceives as national and cultural heritage. Being Malay is seen as being a Muslim. Citizens with other ethnic origins, such as Chinese or Indian, can be Buddhist, Hindu or Christian, but Malays have to be Muslim. Moreover, Islamist rhetoric […]

Open Doors - Oct 25, 2013

Are You the Persecuted Church?

“If the church is one, you are the persecuted church.” -Fahed (a Palestinian believer) That sentence still rings in my ears and sits uneasy in my soul. I think of the “free church” and the “persecuted church”, but the words of this Palestinian Christian man pierced my thinking. He was talking about Paul’s teaching that […]

Open Doors - Oct 25, 2013

Christians In The Central African Republic: We Need The International Community To Pray For Us

Landlocked in the heart of Africa, the Central African Republic (CAR) has gone through some turmoil for most of it’s independence. However, in March of this year, things drastically changed especially for Christians. The government of President Bozize was deposed in a coup d’at by the Seleka coalition of Michel Djotodia, spinning the country into […]

Open Doors - Oct 21, 2013

555 Challenge – Week #41 Comoros

*Representative photo used to protect identity. “A referendum passed in May 2009 installed Islam to be the state religion, infringing seriously upon freedom of religion. The penal code prohibits proselytizing for any religion except Islam. ” Any converts from Islam to Christianity can be prosecuted in court. Therefore, Muslim Background Believers (MBB’s) operate in underground […]

Open Doors - Oct 18, 2013

What Do You Take For Granted?

While soccer practice and cartoons are thoughts that often consume many American children’s minds, these sixth graders from Harmony Grove Middle School caught the vision that there are more important things in life that God wants us to think and care about. Although they are young, they are not letting that stop them spread the […]

Open Doors - Oct 16, 2013

Seeking God’s Mercy On An Earthly Mount

This past Monday, October 14th, some 4 million Muslims stood on Mount Arafah. This hill was where multitudes of Muslim pilgrims ended their “Hajj” (pilgrimage), a life-time experience at the most sacred location a Muslim can reach. This massive crowd near Mecca spent the whole day pleading to Allah to forgive their sins. The hajj […]

Open Doors - Oct 14, 2013

555 Challenge – Week #40 Kenya

*Representative photo used to protect identity. “Every week we wondered ‘What if it’s this week?’ Yet every week, we turned up for church.” Speaking just after her return from the funeral of a 9-year-old, Sally Gatei was in a reflective mood. “I told the team I didn’t need counseling, but I’d not been back to […]

Open Doors - Oct 11, 2013

A Mother and Daughter Find Hope

Amidst towering leaves and a blazing sun, we meet Ina Pote and Ka Mary, a mother-daughter duo from the Central Sama people of the Southern Philippines. These women, once Muslims Background Believers (MBB’s), came to faith through the Kaholatan Mat Project. This is a project headed by Open Doors to empower underprivileged Sama people through […]

Open Doors - Oct 07, 2013

The 5-5-5 Challenge: What Life Is Like As A Christian In Morocco

*Representative photo used to protect identity. Youseff had been searching for the truth since he was a schoolboy. “When I still was at school, I wanted to know the ‘true’ religion. I started reading Koran and the Bible to see which of them would speak to me,” Youseff shares “After ten minutes of reading the […]

Open Doors - Oct 02, 2013

Get to Know David Curry

Question & Answer Interview with Open Doors USA’s new CEO, David Curry.