Month: November 2013

Nov 27

Little Sparks of Hope

*Representative photo used to protect identity. Leaving. It’s the only thing many Christians in central-south Iraq can think about. With the sounds of exploding bombs resounding in their ears and the images of rockets landing in their bedrooms, they feel like there is not much left to stay for. Many of them are leaving the […]

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Nov 25

555 Challenge Week #46 Colombia

*Representative photo used to protect identity. On February 12th 2011, Aira’s 9-year-old daughter and her husband, Maximiliano Suarez, (who was a pastor of a local church) were killed. The murder has left the family grief-stricken; the pain of the absence sometimes gets greater, other times it’s gone. The surviving family members have participated in trauma […]

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Nov 22

A Doctor Learns About Persecution in Mexico

*Representative photo used to protect identity. A young volunteer doctor who joined Open Doors Mexico’s latest medical brigade in July felt indignation and was surprised to learn about persecution for the first time. In Chiapas, Mexico, religious persecution has historically been a norm. Harassment, evictions, and property damage are often occurrences, unfortunately. He later blogged […]

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Nov 20

The Gospel Keeps Me Free In Jail

Thirty months after tribal rulers ordered his imprisonment under false attempted murder and theft charges, Jaime remains locked in a maximum-security prison full of murderers, thieves, and drug-traffickers eager to force him to take part into their criminal schemes. Their plight began when Jaime found himself on the wrong side of indigenous politics in his […]

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Nov 18

555 Challenge Week #44 Tajikistan

*Representative photo used to protect identity. Open Doors estimates the number of Christians at slightly more than 1% of the population. Officially, there is freedom of religion, but on a local level, people who become Christians face threats, beatings, arson attacks and other forms of persecution from mullahs, local authorities, neighbors and relatives. Tajik identity […]

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