Month: July 2014

Open Doors - Jul 30, 2014

Where Are The Iraqi Refugees Now?

By noon on July 19th, all Christians were expected to be out of Mosul, Iraq, having been given the ultimatum by the Islamic extremist group ISIS to leave, pay a huge fine or be killed. Before this ultimatum was given, very few Christians remained in Mosul. In Qaragosh, which is about 15 miles away from […]

Open Doors - Jul 28, 2014

World Watch List Challenge – #29 Sri Lanka

After surviving a failed murder attempt, a Sri Lankan pastor and his family learn the biblical keys to facing persecution risks in Monaragala. Monaragala, a district southwest of Sri Lanka, is home to Katharagama Devalaya, a Buddhist temple that draws millions of pilgrims around the world. Many Sri Lankan pastors consider this district one of […]

Open Doors - Jul 25, 2014

Write To An Iranian Prisoner

Pastor Saeed Abedini is an American citizen who was thrown into an Iranian prison in the summer of 2012. A few months later, he was sentenced to 8 years in prison due to his Christian activities. Pastor Saeed represents hundreds of Christians who are imprisoned for their faith in Iran. The living conditions can be […]

Open Doors - Jul 24, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim Arrives in Italy- Finally Free

By Kristin Wright, Director of Advocacy at Open Doors USA Sheltered inside the US Embassy in Khartoum for the past month, and prevented from leaving Sudan, Meriam Ibrahim was wondering if she would actually be able to leave- right up until the moment her plane took off for Italy. “While we were doing the final […]

Open Doors - Jul 23, 2014

North Korea: Then and Now

Today, for the first time the US has placed sanctions on North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. The US has placed sanctions on North Korea for their human rights abuses. Here is a look into the then and now of North Korea, which is number one on our World Watch List. The god-like worship in […]

Open Doors - Jul 21, 2014

World Watch List Challenge – #28 India

Five years ago, Pastor Rasiya Damore was illiterate and unable to read his Bible. Then he joined an Open Doors sponsored Adult Literacy program, becoming one of 350 adults in the Jhabua district whose life has been powerfully impacted by learning how to read, write, and do basic math. Since 2009, the Adult Literacy Program […]

Open Doors - Jul 18, 2014

Something This Simple Can Make This Big Of An Impact

By Kristin Wright, Director of Advocacy at Open Doors USA “I just feel so overwhelmed,” my friend told me, shaking her head. “It seems impossible to make a difference.” I nodded. Honestly, when I encounter immense human suffering, whether visiting with children in a refugee camp or watching tragedy unfold in the news, I often […]

Open Doors - Jul 17, 2014

Emergency Funds Needed For Iraqi Refugees

In the past two weeks, the Islamic extremist group ISIS has infiltrated Mosul and other cities in Iraq- forcing thousands of Christians to flee for their lives. This extremist group is set on exterminating Christianity from both Iraq and Syria. Thousands of Christians have been forced from their homes and even killed in Syria, and […]

Open Doors - Jul 14, 2014

World Watch List Challenge – #27 Oman

There has been no visible change in recent years in the situation for Christians in Oman. Oman scores 56 points on the World Watch List 2014, the same score as in 2013. The main persecution dynamics in Oman are Islamic extremism and Totalitarian paranoia. Islam is the state religion, and legislation is based on Islamic […]

Open Doors - Jul 10, 2014

Take Action to Help Iraqi Christians And Other Refugees

By Kristin Wright- Director of Advocacy at Open Doors USA The onslaught of ISIS jihadists in Iraq has ignited a refugee crisis of vast proportions. Among those targeted are Iraqi Christians, who face an increasingly dire plight. “The situation was already bleak but now it has got a whole deal worse,” according to John Pontifex, […]