Month: September 2014

Open Doors - Sep 30, 2014

United With The Iraqi Church

An Open Doors fieldworker recently traveled to Iraq to visit a family being persecuted for their faith in Jesus by ISIS. The flight to northern Iraq was long, but the arrival in Erbil was well worth it. His intent was to learn how Christians are coping with the trauma of warfare happening all around them. […]

Open Doors - Sep 29, 2014

World Watch List Challenge – #38 Kuwait

There are a few countries on the World Watch List that we can’t share stories from. Even if we were to use different names, the information could be traced back to the Christians mentioned in the stories. For their security, we are providing a different way to pray for this country this week. Here are […]

Open Doors - Sep 25, 2014

Three Practical Ways to Help Syrian Children Right Now

by Kristin Wright, Director of Advocacy at Open Doors USA [email protected] I’m sitting inside the small home of a Syrian refugee family in Beirut, Lebanon, watching 8-year-old Sarah show me her homework. “Look at the eyes!- she giggles, pointing at two googly eyes pasted onto the small bag she uses to store her pencils and […]

Open Doors - Sep 24, 2014

Newsflashes from the Persecuted Church

China: Prayers Needed for Christianity to Spread to Muslim Minority Regions China’s Christian revival has significantly impacted the country for over three decades. Tens of millions of people have accepted Christ as their Lord. It is possibly the most significant and longest lasting revival in the history of the church. But there are some regions […]

Open Doors - Sep 23, 2014

Open Doors in Iraq: Thirst For God In A Parched Land

Lydia* is on the ground on behalf of Open Doors this week. She reports what an Iraqi church is going through, and how Open Doors donors are making an impact in their daily lives, for His glory: Once, having a home was not even a thought to them. It was as natural as breathing. Not […]

Open Doors - Sep 22, 2014

World Watch List Challenge – #37 China

Twice The Persecution: Life As An Ethnic And Religious Minority In China Pastor Askar* is a husband and father of two. He is a burly, jovial man with a deep voice and a seemingly Russian or Central Asian accent… Yet, he is from China. This pastor is from the Xinjiang province of China, and belongs […]

Open Doors - Sep 19, 2014

Pastoral Training in Iraq

Iraq is in turmoil. Thousands upon thousands of Christians have fled their houses in fear of the terror of the Islamic State (IS). Just before the current turmoil, Open Doors offered an online pastoral course to those attending a seminary through a local partner. When the turmoil started, two participants, Martin and Daniel, were prompted […]

Open Doors - Sep 18, 2014

How Open Doors Is Helping Iraqi Christians In An Amazing Way

Open Doors has been partnering with several churches in Iraq and surrounding countries to help Christians who are being targeted for their faith. The Chaldean Church in Erbil is one of those churches. “We have set up small swimming pools for the children and have a schedule of daily activities for the adults,” shares Pastor […]

Open Doors - Sep 17, 2014

In The Shadow Of ISIS: Visiting Refugees In Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

by Kristin Wright, Director of Advocacy at Open Doors USA Twitter @bykristinwright Kristin chronicles her visits with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, witnessing firsthand the work of Open Doors in this region. I’m climbing a hill that overlooks one of the largest refugee camps in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Children are tugging at my shirt and pointing […]

Open Doors - Sep 17, 2014

Newsflashes from the Persecuted Church

Nigeria: Boko Haram Has Christians on the Run (from World Watch Monitor) What the Islamic State (IS) has done in Iraq, Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria, a Nigerian cleric says. ”The news is really bad. When Boko Haram attacked our hometown, we decided to vacate the place. In Michika and surrounding areas, soldiers […]