Month: December 2014

Janelle P - Dec 22, 2014

New Book From Brother Andrew- The Exodus Mandate

There are many incredible parts to the story of Moses, but what can his life teach us about radical obedience?

Janelle P - Dec 15, 2014

World Watch List Challenge – #49 Tanzania

It appears that the church is struggling because of both external and glaring internal weaknesses that reduce her effectiveness. This is partly caused by insufficient biblical knowledge and disunity among Christians.

Janelle P - Dec 11, 2014

World Watch List Challenge – #48 Bangladesh

Bangladesh became independent in 1971 after a long and brutal war of independence with Pakistan. Until today, the atrocities of this war are still present in the minds of the Bangladeshi people, and alleged war criminals are sentenced to long-term prison or even death.  

Open Doors - Dec 09, 2014

2014: The Worst Year In Christian Persecution?

As global persecution has increased drastically this year, your faithful support has helped countless Christians who are persecuted for their faith.

Open Doors - Dec 09, 2014

See How Your Gifts Are Being Used

Thanks to your faithfulness, we have been able to meet the greatest needs of persecuted Christians around the world. Here are some of the ways your donations were used last month.

Janelle P - Dec 05, 2014

Update: Join Us in Prayer for Believers in Uzbekistan

It was just discovered that at the houses of four families, members of a secret church, were raided by secret police. Christian literature and Praise and Worship CD’s were found throughout the homes. Immediately, a criminal case was initiated against them, and the court sentenced them to pay an administrative fine for possession and distribution of banned literature.

Janelle P - Dec 04, 2014

Newsflashes from the Persecuted Church

Three armed Taliban insurgents swept into a Kabul guesthouse last Friday, murdering three South Africans and two Afghans in the compound of an international aid agency in the Afghan capital, according to World Watch Monitor.

Janelle P - Dec 03, 2014

Newsflashes from the Persecuted Church

“No fuel for heating homes. The weather is cold. We are in the winter season. How can we heat our homes? Our kids are crying from the cold weather and we are not able to do anything, except covering them with blankets and putting them to sleep. But nights are long. Everywhere it is dark, cold and black. It’s as if we are living in a cold cemetery.”

Janelle P - Dec 01, 2014

This Giving Tuesday, Help Persecuted Christians

This time of year can bring so much good- the celebration of Jesus’ birth and the opportunity to be with loved ones. But it can often be a whirlwind of superficial things that were never meant to fill this season.

Janelle P - Dec 01, 2014

World Watch List Challenge – #47 Indonesia

Indonesia is well-known as the biggest Muslim country in the world, comprising of around 240 million citizens, 86 percent of them being Muslims.