Month: February 2015

Janelle P - Feb 26, 2015

Fox News Interview with Open Doors CEO/President

While ISIS continues to target the northeastern of Syria and take hundreds of hostages, Open Doors USA CEO/President Dr. David Curry calls upon all Christians to take a stand:

Sydney Bennett - Feb 24, 2015

Being the Change

This year for Lent Open Doors Fortify has begun a campaign called Change for Change (C4C). Lent is a great season for an event like Change for Change as the Lenten season is often identified with “giving things up,” but in a single word it is about sacrifice.

Janelle P - Feb 24, 2015

Christians Trapped in Myanmar Border Region Tension

After nearly 6 years of relative peace, the fighting broke out between the Kokang rebels and the government along the Myanmar-China border on February 17th, killing 47 soldiers and dozens of rebels, and leaving 90% of the local civilians displaced.

Janelle P - Feb 20, 2015

Turkmenistan: Prisoner Umid Gojayev Is Free!

After 2 ½ years in prison, Umid Gojayev was released on February 17th and is now free and has rejoined his family. We thank you for your faithful prayers since our last post about Umid!

Janelle P - Feb 18, 2015

ISIS Spreading to Southeast Asia

It is probable that the recent terror attacks and the ISIS movement around the globe may reignite terrorist activities in Indonesia- a Muslim-majority country.

Janelle P - Feb 16, 2015

The Hope That the 21 Executed by Islamic Extremist Group ISIS Called Their Own

As you have seen all over recent nationwide news, the situation in Egypt with 21 kidnapped (and now believed executed) by the Islamic extremist group ISIS has left us speechless.

Janelle P - Feb 13, 2015

President Obama’s Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

Last week, I was honored to attend the National Prayer Breakfast where President Obama spoke out about Christian persecution.  Affirming freedom of religion as a primary value in free societies, he encouraged other countries to protect and nurture religious minorities…

Open Doors - Feb 12, 2015

Nigeria- A Crisis Escalating Daily

Things have gone from bad to worse in Nigeria. Jumping to the 10th spot on the Open Doors World Watch List for the first time ever this year, Nigeria saw its greatest attack to date- with several other attacks following in suit already this year.

Janelle P - Feb 11, 2015

Secret Church 2015 Simulcast

On April 24th, Secret Church will be hosting its next simulcast, titled ‘Christ, Culture and A Call to Action’, and will take place from 6pm (CT) until midnight.

Janelle P - Feb 09, 2015

Persecution of Christians: A Significant Indicator of Future World Chaos

Boko Haram continues its march toward making Nigeria an Islamic state. A few weeks ago, as the world focused on the terror attacks in Paris, the group continued its murderous rampage across the northern part of the country. Last weekend it killed dozens in Maiduguri.