Month: March 2015

Janelle P - Mar 31, 2015

Central African Republic: Jesus’ Sufficiency Seen in Persecution

An Open Doors colleague, Phil, recently traveled to Central African Republic. The widespread suffering he shares calls us to continually be in prayer for these brothers and sisters, and yet he shares about a joy they have because they have the Lord with them in this time.

Janelle P - Mar 30, 2015

Gunmen Kill 100 Christian Villagers in Central Nigeria

While all eyes have been on Nigeria’s northeastern regions where the radical Islamic group Boko Haram is finally being countered by multi-national military forces, violence targeting Christian communities in the group of states across the center of Nigeria, known as the Middle Belt, has increased dramatically.

Janelle P - Mar 27, 2015

Indonesian Believers Learn to Extend God’s Love to Persecutors

Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. For the Indonesian church—who is surrounded by Muslim communities—this can be a difficult task. While most Indonesian Muslims are friendly and tolerant, a small group of fundamentalists has been persistently spreading radical views and increasingly gaining followers.

Janelle P - Mar 26, 2015

Iraqi Refugee Family Struggling to Rebuild Life After IS Seizes Home

Months after the Islamic extremist group IS invaded their villages, some refugees are still residing in church halls. One family shares how they have been affected.

Janelle P - Mar 24, 2015

Islamic Propaganda in Malaysia Targeting Children and Adults

Pray against an Islamic campaign targeting children in government-run kindergartens in Malaysia as they begin distributing free children’s books entitled, “Jesus says Islam is the True Religion.” In addition, Islamic evangelists are also distributing a book for adults entitled, “Is Jesus a Muslim.”

Sydney Bennett - Mar 20, 2015

Relentless Anticipation

Reading the World Watch Monitor’s article on the Syrian graffiti reminded me of the impact young people can have on each other, the church and, as we have seen, a nation. The challenge we have has leaders is to encourage students to use their powerful influence to build up the Kingdom and point others to Christ.

Janelle P - Mar 19, 2015

Somali Convert Sacrifices All for the Sake of Christ

Courageous Somali believer Fatuma Nur Hussain* has sacrificed everything familiar to follow Christ – her family, friends, studies and her safety. Fleeing from her family after intense pressure to recant, she lives day by day with the constant fear of being found by them. 

Sally Rae - Mar 16, 2015

New Religious Freedom Bill Introduced In Congress

Open Doors USA welcomes the introduction of strong new religious freedom legislation in Congress.                  

Janelle P - Mar 16, 2015

‘Sometimes I Wonder Why I Keep Praying’

Kim Sang-Hwa, the daughter of a North Korean church leader, now lives in South Korea. She kneels at the table when she shares how she found the illegal Bible, how openly her father explained the gospel to her, and how she was banished from her home.

Open Doors - Mar 11, 2015

Nigeria: Boko Haram Again Pledges Allegiance to IS; Attacks Continue

Boko Haram has once more pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (IS). In an audio recording posted on the group’s Twitter page on Saturday, an alleged leader, Abubakar Shekay, said, “We announce our allegiance to the caliphate … and will hear and obey in times of difficulty and prosperity.”