Month: April 2015

Photo of a soldier in Yemen, a country with high rates of Christian Persecution

Janelle P - Apr 29, 2015

Amidst the Crisis in Yemen, Believers Still Gathering

The grim image painted by the news is an accurate reflection of the gravity of the situation on the ground in Yemen. The tension has been festering below the surface for years as many factional groups in Yemen have spread terror and fear.

Janelle P - Apr 28, 2015

Exclusive Video: Selah Remembers the 21 Egyptian Martyrs

Christian band, Selah, has partnered with the church in remembering the lives of the 21 Egyptian martyrs. These believers displayed the hope that we have been given in Jesus. This video is available today, and you can find it HERE.

Kristin Wright - Apr 26, 2015

North Korea Freedom Week 2015

Throughout this week, April 26 – May 4, people from around the world will meet in Washington DC to recognize the plight of North Korean refugees and prisoners of conscience.        

Janelle P - Apr 24, 2015

When The Islamic State Is More Unified Than The Body Of Christ

Terrorist groups from around the world are uniting to join this genocidal cause. The Islamic State is apocalyptic in nature, believing that they will bring about the end of the world by their acts of jihad. So the question stands- Is the Islamic State more unified than the Body of Christ?

Janelle P - Apr 23, 2015

Persecution Around the World: Stories from Mexico, Kazakhstan and Syria

Release of a Mexican prisoner, Kazakh pastor spreads the gospel while in prison and a beautiful Syrian baby is the tragic victim of civil war.

Sydney Bennett - Apr 22, 2015

Change for Change: Still Changing

The season of Lent concluded a few weeks ago, and with it we concluded the #C4Cchallenge. Although the challenge itself is over, Change for Change (C4C) is here to stay throughout the year!

Janelle P - Apr 21, 2015

Armenian Genocide Still an Open Wound for Middle Eastern Christians

This month a hundred years ago, one of the biggest dramas in modern history began. A drama that is still vivid in the collective Armenian and Syriac mind: the Armenian Genocide. An estimated 1.5 million Armenian and Syriac Christians were killed in the years surrounding the First World War.

Janelle P - Apr 16, 2015

Kenya: “The Sights and Sounds Haunt My Memory”

“I was just getting up when the attack started. I ran outside with my roommates, but I quickly returned when I looked around and realized people were falling all around me– they were being shot!

Janelle P - Apr 15, 2015

Algerian Woman Forced to Choose: Jesus or Her Family

Hassina was a respected young Algerian woman. She was a devout Muslim, practiced her prayers, respected Ramadan and stood out in doing good works. “I tried to please God, doing all the things I should, but my life was a desert.” Everything changed when she started to follow Jesus.

Kristin Wright - Apr 14, 2015

#BringBackOurGirls – One Year Later

Today, April 14th, marks the one-year anniversary of the kidnapping of 275 Nigerian girls from their school in the Christian town of Chibok, Borno State. This is Boko Haram’s largest abduction to date. While several girls were able to escape, according to our sources, 232 remain missing. Their families have no answers about their daughters’ location or the circumstances they are facing.