Month: May 2015

Janelle P - May 07, 2015

Prayer for a Christian Mother Held by ISIS for Months

With all that is going on with the refugees in the northern Iraq, let us not cease to pray for the many, Christians and otherwise, that are treated with utmost cruelty by the members of IS that have captured them. Please pray for a woman that was found a few days ago. After months of continuous raping and captivity, IS released her and dropped her off in a city outside of their camp.

Janelle P - May 06, 2015

Today in Nepal: Improper Aid Distribution

Over 100 Christians in Nepal have been reported dead after church buildings fell during the earthquake that occurred on April 25th, 2015. The numbers are continuing to rise. Thousands of Christians have lost their homes and are sleeping in tents. Several of the victims are being treated in government hospitals; however, the hospitals are packed, and people are finding it difficult to get proper treatment.

Janelle P - May 01, 2015

Should Christians Visit Mosques?

To visit a mosque as a Christian is quite controversial. Some Christians would vote against the idea, claiming that a mosque is not a place where Jesus’ name is glorified. Right they are, indeed. But is it not a place where there are people created in the image of God who are in need of the Lord’s salvation?