Month: October 2015

Janelle P - Oct 30, 2015

UPDATE: Nine Indonesian churches demolished after religious violence

Nine churches in Aceh province were torn down from October 19 to 23, following religious violence on October 13 that left a church burned, a person dead and an estimated 8,000 Christians displaced. All refugees have been deported by the government.

Sally Rae - Oct 28, 2015

International Community Urged To Respond to ISIS Terror

There are currently several efforts urging the United States Government and the international community to acknowledge that the brutal acts of ISIS could potentially meet the definition of genocide.

Janelle P - Oct 26, 2015

Update From Persecuted Christians In Pakistan After Earthquake

Prayer is needed for the many lives that have been affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Pakistan and Afghanistan today. Our partners on the ground request that we pray for them, as more details come in; not much of it being hopeful.

Janelle P - Oct 23, 2015

UPDATE – Southeast Asia: Thanks to your prayers, Yana was released!

Last month, we requested you pray for Yana (not her real name) from Southeast Asia. She was detained by police on false accusations of not repaying her debt to her relative. Praise the Lord! Yana was released from police detention on Sunday, October 11.

Janelle P - Oct 15, 2015

Christians From These Two Countries Are Especially Targeted

The global refugee crisis has grabbed the world’s attention. With millions from Iraq and Syria displaced, different nations are aiming to find a solution.

Sally Rae - Oct 07, 2015


We are happy to report that earlier this week the Senate voted to reauthorize the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USICRF). Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved the measure with a voice vote.

Janelle P - Oct 02, 2015

Prayer Update: Batima Recovering After Being Beaten For Jesus

Last month, we shared the story of Batima*, a Kyrgyzstani believer who was beaten by her siblings for her faith in Jesus. We asked you to pray for her recovery and the softening of her siblings’ hearts.