Month: November 2015

Nov 21

What Could Closing The Door on Syrian Refugees Mean For Persecuted Christians?

Syrian refugees – and whether or not to welcome them to United States – have been the topic of a massive national debate over the past several days.

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Nov 19

Grace for Terrorists

This past weekend we were once again reminded that the enemy is alive and using evil to bring about fear, pain and hatred. Human instinct tells us we should fight back and that we are right to feel that way. But reality is that the only difference between us and them is God’s grace.

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Nov 12

Just In Case…

For Dilshod in Turkmenistan, this is no imaginary scenario; it happened to him last week.

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Nov 10

Thank You For Not Forgetting About These Christians!

Your Gifts are needed more now than ever for vital unfunded projects.

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Nov 06

Speak Out For Nigerian Christians – Open Doors Letter Writing Campaign

Because Nigeria’s new president, Muhammadu Buhari, has expressed a strong commitment to confront the violence of Boko Haram and protect religious freedom, we want to encourage him to do all that he can do to improve the situation for Christians in his country.

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