Month: February 2016

Janelle P - Feb 22, 2016

Remaining ISIS Hostages Have Been Released!

We have gone back and forth, reporting the kidnapping of Assyrian Christians at the hands of ISIS almost a year ago, and was joyfully later to report the release of a few groups of them at a time. Today, the Islamic State released the remaining 43 Christians who were taken hostage…

Sydney Bennett - Feb 18, 2016

Deeply Connected

Ever wonder how you can use your God-given passions and skills to serve persecuted Christians? Meet Lauren, a graphic designer who is doing exactly that!

Janelle P - Feb 18, 2016

Algerian Woman Given Fifteen Days to Renounce Her Faith

“I will give you 15 days to decide to abandon your Christian faith. If you choose not to, you will no longer be considered my daughter and will no longer be part of the family.” The words of her father felt like the blow of a hammer to Nedjma* who had always…

Janelle P - Feb 16, 2016

One Year Later: 21 Egyptian Christians Beheaded by ISIS

On Monday, it marked one year since the Islamic State slaughtered 21 Egyptian Christians. These regular acts of the Islamic State have begged the question: is the Islamic State more unified than the Body of Christ?

Open Doors - Feb 10, 2016

The 2016 World Watch List

For the 14th consecutive year, North Korea ranks as the most hostile place to be a Christian on the Open Doors World Watch List.  North Korea continues to be the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian.

Janelle P - Feb 09, 2016

Every Day In Prison Was A Lesson From the Lord

Pastor Reza* is a follower of Christ in Iran. He has a leading role in a house church and was imprisoned for this. Through these most difficult struggles, he came to know the deep peace of the Lord.

Brett Tarbell - Feb 05, 2016

Pray For This Pastor As He Faces An Impossible Choice

For Pastor Omar* in Central Asia, preaching the gospel could very well cost him everything. Last week, the National Security Department summoned him with a warning that he must stop holding church meetings, threatening arrest and imprisonment should he not comply.

Janelle P - Feb 04, 2016

“We Are Victims of Boko Haram Violence”

The Islamic extremist group Boko Haram appears in the news daily with their most current plot of destruction, and their attacks are often aimed at Christians throughout Nigeria. These three individuals have been personally affected by their attacks. Here are their stories:

Janelle P - Feb 03, 2016

Christian Youth in the Middle East Share their Lives Online

Open Doors is initiating the social media project I Share Life – Young Christians Online in the Middle East. The goal is to facilitate Christian youth from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to use their online presence to share the love of Christ online in the Arab world. This fits into Open Doors’ mission to build the capacity of the Church in the Middle East to share its message in the region.