Month: March 2016

Brianna Nishie - Mar 30, 2016

20,000 Bibles – A Stream of Living Water in the Palestinian Church

  A New Reformation?   In less than twelve months they were completely out of stock—20,000 special edition New Testaments for Palestinian Orthodox believers. For many families, this Bible is the first one they have personally owned. A key church leader said about this project, “We should have done this 2,000 years ago.”   It […]

Open Doors - Mar 24, 2016

How Christians In Jerusalem Celebrate Easter

There is no place like Jerusalem during Easter…

Open Doors - Mar 24, 2016

Body Broken, Faith Intact – Temis From Tanzania

“I had spoken with my husband when he was at the church but was shocked when a friend phoned to tell me he had been killed!”

Janelle P - Mar 18, 2016

Christian Loses Children After Forced Divorce

All countries in North Africa have a Muslim majority, and in many of the countries, Islam is the official religion. Frequently, we hear stories of Christians in North Africa being mistreated because of their religion. This recently happened to Farid* in Algeria.

Open Doors - Mar 17, 2016

Begin Somewhere

God calls us to remember the persecuted, but where do we even begin? Let’s learn from our friend Sarah!

Janelle P - Mar 17, 2016

7 Questions for Pastors in the Middle East

Muslims becoming followers of Jesus—before the war started in Syria in 2011, it rarely happened to Syrians. Five years later, upon entering a church in Lebanon or Syria, you might see new believers worshipping God with their whole hearts. God is at work in the Middle East. Seven questions about this were presented to pastors who see Syrians coming to church in Syria and Lebanon:

Janelle P - Mar 16, 2016

Following Christ Might Cost You These 5 Things

All over the Middle East and North Africa, Muslims who have converted to Christianity struggle with their new identity in Christ. Leaving Islam often leads to exclusion, isolation and sometimes even violence and life-threatening situations. Following Christ as a former Muslim might cost you these five things:

Janelle P - Mar 15, 2016

Today Marks 5 Years of Syrian Conflict

Today, March 15th, marks 5 years since the beginning of the Syrian war. According to the BBC, over 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in this armed conflict, and 11 million have been forced from their homes. Join with us to pray for refugees throughout the Middle East facing this conflict daily, and please consider giving to help Christians affected by ISIS today:

Janelle P - Mar 15, 2016

Converts from Buddhism Forced from their Village in Myanmar

One couple that attends regularly is Aung* and his wife Phyu.* Aung is a small, wiry man, 59 years old, who has made his living as a carpenter. Until his conversion in 2012. “I was very faithful to Buddha,” he says through an interpreter. “I would collect money for the monks and did construction for monasteries and pagodas without any charge.”

Janelle P - Mar 14, 2016

Vision of Christ Saves Muslim Girl in Horn of Africa

Hawa* grew up in a wealthy Muslim family in the Horn of Africa. She was also engaged to a Muslim man who lives in America. However, everything was put on hold when she became very ill. While in hospital, she had a life-changing spiritual experience. “I had a dream [in which] I saw a man who was smiling and crying at the same time. I somehow knew he was weeping for me.” None of her family could explain the dream. However, her mosque leader, who was a secret follower of Christ…