Month: June 2016

Jun 29

Will Brexit Affect Refugees?

The term ‘Brexit’ has been hopping around our social media feeds and conversations with friends. In case you haven’t heard of it, it is an abbreviation for ‘British exit’ and refers to the referendum of the UK’s membership of the European Union. The world has been weighing in on the debate: should the UK remain a member of the European Union or not? Will this change affect refugees?

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Jun 27

Equipping Believers With God’s Word

The Bible is essential to the Christian faith. Without it, we would not know God’s Word. Without His Word, we could not share it, teach it and live our lives by it. Here’s how you can help provide God’s Word to persecuted believers:

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Jun 24

3 Reasons We Pray During Ramadan

Each year, we call our readers to join us in a prayer campaign during Ramadan. While this is an Islamic holy month, we are marking it on our calendars. Here are 3 reasons we pray during Ramadan:

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Jun 23

#PRAYER REQUEST: Chinese Pastor Murdered

Recently, Pastor Han, pastor of a church in Chiangbai, China was brutally murdered by North Korean secret agents, sources revealed that he was hacked to death. The purpose behind the murder was to provide a “warning” to Christians in China, who actively assisted North Korean refugees.

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Jun 22

Community Restoration

Can you remember the last time a part of your community was destroyed? Acts of nature. Vandalism. Old construction. These all can cause a community’s important landmarks and buildings to be destroyed. For most of our communities, insurance covers the damages, and soon there is a newer, shinier building in its place.

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