Month: October 2016

Janelle P - Oct 27, 2016

4 People Killed During UN Protest

Four people have been killed, and 14 injured, in Bangui during a protest against the United Nations in the Central African Republic.

Janelle P - Oct 22, 2016

Will ISIS Infiltrate Kuwait Next?

Jamal has seen an increasing Islamic fundamentalist influence on his country in the last few years especially, much in part to the rise of the Islamic State group in neighboring Iraq and Syria.

Sydney Bennett - Oct 21, 2016

The Empty Chair

Last night I spoke to a youth group in Houston, Texas and as I was talking with the youth pastor preparing for the night, I noticed one of the computer screens in their sound booth showing a slide that said “The Empty Chair.” It caught my eye and I had to ask what that was about.

Janelle P - Oct 18, 2016

Muslims Turn to Christ in Unprecedented Numbers Pt. 2

Muslims in the Middle East are turning to Jesus in unprecedented numbers. This is what several pastors shared with Open Doors. Somewhere in Lebanon we meet with a young woman named Karima*, a refugee from Aleppo. She still covers her hair, but the change in the way she dresses compared with when she first arrived in Lebanon is obvious.

Janelle P - Oct 13, 2016

Islamic Extremism and Its Effect on Women

We have seen the unfortunate trend around the world of Islamic extremist groups oppressing and taking advantage of women. The kidnapping of the Chibok girls in April of 2014 was an instance of this violence that the world caught notice of. Hannatu*, a 16 year-old girl, is recovering from a very traumatic experience of violence from an Islamic extremist…

Open Doors - Oct 13, 2016

Pastor Held Responsible for Christian Event

Gafur*, a pastor from a Central Asian country, has been arrested for hosting an evangelistic event.

Open Doors - Oct 12, 2016

The Worst Country On Earth To Be A Christian

North Korea is the worst place to be a Christian, but you are providing hope! For 15 years, North Korea has ranked #1 on the Open Doors World Watch List as the worst place to be a Christian. In this country, the very act of owning a Bible is punishable by death. An estimated 25% […]

Janelle P - Oct 11, 2016

5 Ways to Pray for Asia Bibi’s Court Hearing This Thursday

Pakistan’s Supreme Court will finally examine Asia Bibi’s blasphemy case this Thursday. Pakistani Christians ask their brothers and sisters worldwide to pray for Asia, her lawyer and family.

Janelle P - Oct 08, 2016

Terror Attack in Kenya Leaves 6 Dead

The terror attack on a Mandera residential compound has been claimed by Al-Shabaab. “We are behind the Mandera attack. During which, we killed six Christians,” local and international media reported the group’s military spokesman, Sheikh Abdiasis Musab, as saying.

Janelle P - Oct 07, 2016

Upcoming Elections in Morocco Bring Hope For Believers

Friday, October 7th, Moroccans will take to the polls. This is an important time, as it can change the way the Christian church in Morocco is viewed and treated.