Month: November 2016

Janelle P - Nov 23, 2016

Should Persecuted Christians Be Thankful?

We often fall into the tradition of thanking God for our freedom, homes or even family members. These are all such deep blessings from God. When considering persecuted Christians, however, they often do not have any of these things. They often are stripped of freedom, comforts and community. Do persecuted Christians have anything to be thankful for?

Janelle P - Nov 23, 2016

A Man’s Faith Brings His Cousin to Christ

Elias was the first to come to Christ. After reading the Bible, he was sure that Christ was the Truth. His faith came with much backlash. His entire family, including Adam, shunned and rejected him.

Sydney Bennett - Nov 17, 2016

Susan Needs Our Prayers!

One of the stories I often share when speaking is the story of Susan. When I first heard how she remained in a dark room sitting on the mat for three months simply because she did not want to deny Jesus, I was both humbled and challenged. Recently I received an update on Susan and the progress she has made over the years and while she has come a long way she still needs our prayers.

Janelle P - Nov 17, 2016

Is Worship Our Delight?

Throughout Scripture, we see God’s people enjoying His presence and character with joy and gladness. In pairing these two biblical ideas, is worship our delight? Do the characteristics and mighty deeds of God cause our heart to sing with thanksgiving? The persecuted church would boldly proclaim, “YES!”

Janelle P - Nov 11, 2016

Kidnapped Missionary Returns to Mali

Beatrice Stockly was taken from her residence before dawn on January 8, 2015 by armed men who arrived in four pickup trucks, according to sources whose names are being kept confidential for their safety.

Open Doors - Nov 11, 2016

How Safe Houses You Are Providing Are Saving Lives

Seventeen-year-old Sitora of Tajikistan recently became a Christian. Within a few months of giving her life to Jesus, she began to face brutal persecution… from her own brother.

Janelle P - Nov 09, 2016

Thank You For Urging President-Elect Trump To Address Religious Persecution!

Election Day Is Over. And today I want to say a huge “thank you” for making your voice heard to both candidates on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

Janelle P - Nov 08, 2016

Stand With Iraqi Christians

As I write, church bells throughout the plains of Nineveh are heralding the chimes of liberation. After more than 2 years of mass murder, freedom tolls – announcing the retreat of ISIS and other terror organizations within the region. And while there’s great joy, it’s mixed with great sorrow . . .

Janelle P - Nov 04, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pray For Persecution to End

Prayer is so important; the word “pray” is mentioned 48 times in the Old Testament and 73 times in the New Testament. Because God places such an emphasis on prayer in His Word, so should we. For our loved ones, we would never pray for bad to come upon them. This desire may cause us to pray for persecution or hard times to end for those in the Body of Christ. Let’s not let that be our focus, however. Based on God’s Word, here are 3 reasons why we should not pray for persecution to end: