Month: December 2016

Janelle P - Dec 31, 2016

Multiply your gift to help persecuted Christians

There are just a few days left in 2016 and because you’re one of our key ministry partners, I needed to write right away. Despite careful financial planning, a severe spike in global Christian persecution has stretched our resources — nearly to a breaking point. As December 31 closes in, we’re facing a $618,000 budget shortfall.

Open Doors - Dec 15, 2016


Gabriel, in his 50s, is from a Muslim-dominated area in rural East Africa where persecution and poverty intersect. Christians here are generally poorer than their Muslim neighbors, and the economic sidelining they face because of their faith in Christ worsens their situation even further.

Sydney Bennett - Dec 15, 2016

Sunday Morning Prayer

Over the last year I have had the privilege of spending Sunday mornings before church praying with my college students. Every Sunday I am blessed to hear our students share their hearts and cry out to the Lord to move in our college group, our church, their college campuses, our city, and the nation. But what has been an absolute blessing is to see the students hearts grow for our persecuted brothers and sisters

Janelle P - Dec 13, 2016

Do You Fear God Or Persecution More?

It is easy to view physical torture or abandonment as the worst thing that could happen to us or our loved ones. But the Scriptures make it so clear that this should not be so…

Janelle P - Dec 13, 2016

Mourning After Cairo Church Bombing

Egypt’s Christian community is in mourning following what the BBC has referred to as the “deadliest attack on the Coptic community in recent memory.”

Open Doors - Dec 09, 2016

Believer Shares the Gospel After Attending an Open Doors Training

Sister Raikhan* dreamed of being an evangelist, but she had no idea where to start. She lacked confidence and was recently fired from her job. Raikhan also knew that if she talked about Christ openly, she could be stopped by the police and fined. In her country, a person could be detained by the police for distributing Bibles and pamphlets with religious content.

Open Doors - Dec 09, 2016

Shunned For His Faith

As he placed the last book on the shelf, Ravshan began to panic. Were the books in the same order he had found them in? He frantically tried to calculate the odds that his family would find the Bible hidden at the back. “Being discovered isn’t an option,” he reminded himself…

Janelle P - Dec 08, 2016

Eight Left Dead in Democratic Republic of Congo After Attack

Citizens in the town of Beni, located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), are shaken as eight people died at the hand of Islamist militant Allied Democratic Force (ADF).

Janelle P - Dec 03, 2016

Persecution + King David

When we think of those from the Bible who faced persecution, we often think of Paul or Job. King David faced great trials for his faith; even after being anointed king, he was still on the run for his life. He hid in caves and was always hiding from King Saul. A few things are worth studying in regards to how David, a man after God’s own heart, faced and dealt with persecution…