Month: August 2017

Janelle P - Aug 31, 2017

The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

It’s been said that those living in Yemen are dying, “a slow death.”

Brian - Aug 30, 2017

Christian Woman Freed From ISIS Stronghold in Iraq After 3 Years

Though the relief of being free is great, please pray for Rana.

Janelle P - Aug 30, 2017

How Biblical Training Prepared Me For Persecution

Preparing Christians for persecution. That is the mission of Open Doors worker Nathan*. All over the Middle East and in North Africa, he visits Christian leaders with Open Doors’ Persecution Big Picture Training.

Sarah Cunningham - Aug 30, 2017

Suffering & Grace Collide in Prison

One might guess it would be difficult for a Nigerian to be a Christian while living among the Fulani who are 99% Muslim, but as Bulus* found out, the cost is sometimes higher than anyone imagines.

Sarah Cunningham - Aug 29, 2017

Rehena Continues to Stand Thanks to Your Help

“Every home, without exaggeration, has a struggling wife, a drug addicted child, an unemployed, alcoholic son or father or someone with disease,” A lecturer from ALIVE Bible College explains, “While dealing with the realities of life as a Christian who is denied basic rights because of poverty and their faith, there is little time to revel in the truths of being a Christian.”

Brian - Aug 29, 2017

On the West Bank: Muslim Man Becomes Secret Believer and Loses It All for Jesus

“I want to understand why God came to earth to ride on a donkey.”

Joshua Pease - Aug 28, 2017

A Jordanian Boutique Clothes Refugees with Dignity

Between 2014-2016, as ISIS’ destructive presence spread through the country of Iraq, many Iraqi Christians fled to neighboring countries in search of safety. These refugees often left everything behind – their homes, jobs, and even clothes – arriving as empty-handed foreigners in a strange land.

Sarah Cunningham - Aug 25, 2017

When Culture and Marriage Clash

When 23 year-old Sameda decided to accept a local man’s proposal, she was sure it was a good decision.”I married Rashid because he seemed to me a good man. Initially we were very happy until he became more interested about my faith. I did not hide the fact that I am a Christian and told him that God touched my life one day.”

Sarah Cunningham - Aug 25, 2017

3 Lessons from the Persecuted Church in Egypt

Media coverage of tragedies often focuses on the basics–the who, what, where, when, and why–without taking the time to tell the stories of how these events impact other Christians in Egypt.

Janelle P - Aug 25, 2017

Is There Still Hope for the Middle East?

The world watched them march to their death. Twenty young men from Egypt and one from Chad in orange jumpsuits were beheaded by large ISIS warriors in February 2015. The long line of Christian martyrs walking on an empty beach in Libya is an image our generation will never forget. For over ten centuries, Christians […]