Month: September 2017

Sep 29

Eritrea: When There Seems to Be No Light at the End of the Tunnel

In his early 20s, Shiden and 40 others were caught worshipping in secret.

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Sep 28

Kurdish Independence Puts Believers’ Hope on Hold

This past Monday, the inhabitants of the Kurdish region in Iraq went to the polls to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on Kurdish independence. Overwhelmingly, Iraqi Kurds voted in favor of independence from Baghdad.

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Sep 22

In the Rubble of Iraq, Seeds of Hope Are Sprouting

In the war-torn region of Bashiqa, Iraq – located near Mosul – a brightly-colored mural hovers over a mound of rubble. The drawing is of a tree, blooming with green leaves, with the inscription “Tomorrow will be more beautiful” declared in red letters beside it.

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Sep 21

The Gospel Transforms a Child Soldier into Pastor in Colombia

Since childhood, Ruben* was a fierce and feisty fighter who learned to deal with weapons, war and death. He never imagined that, years later, God’s plans for his life would lead him to leave the illegal army, begin a pastoral journey, and today, evangelize to those in arms.

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Sep 20

Holistic Ministry Training in Cameroon

When a local church is sharply divided, the path to restoring unity is often long and tedious. But for a small town in northeastern Cameroon, this healing process took an unexpected turn when the arrival of a surprising new group cut through the tension…

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