Month: December 2017

Lindy Lowry - Dec 29, 2017

2017’s Top 10 Most-Read Stories From the Persecuted Church

Throughout the world, 2017 was a difficult, yet also hopeful, year for the persecuted church. Take some time to look back on this year’s Top 10 most-read stories.

Brian - Dec 29, 2017

[Urgent Prayer] 9 Killed in Cairo Church Attack

More than 130 Christians have been killed in Egypt over the past year.

Sydney Bennett - Dec 29, 2017

‘Love Us As Well’: A Reflection on Palestinian Christians

Traveling to other parts of the world, I have learned that things are not always as clear-cut as they seem. It’s easier to ignore the challenges faced by others on the opposite side of the world or to dehumanize the issue than it is to take the time to understand the full story.

David Curry - Dec 28, 2017

Vice President Pence to Christians in Iraq: “Help Is on the Way”

You can help families just like Noeh’s family today as they rebuild their lives.

Sarah Cunningham - Dec 28, 2017

Supporter Describes How Travels Helped Him Understand Persecution

Open Doors supporter, Mike McElroy, wrote in to tell us about how God laid North Korea on his heart while living in China and visiting North Korea. We always welcome stories about how God is moving in the lives of our readers.

Sarah Cunningham - Dec 27, 2017

Are There REALLY Christians in Places Like North Korea?

There are many explanations for how Christianity takes hold in closed countries. In some cases, faith has been passed on for generations by families whose ancestors trusted Jesus prior to the country coming under oppressive rule.

Lindy Lowry - Dec 23, 2017

‘Our Family Tied Us Up, Locked Us Out and Left Us”

When 17-year-old Nani* and sixteen-year-old Nha Phong* turned from their family’s animistic beliefs and converted to Christianity, their family became their persecutors.

Joshua Pease - Dec 22, 2017

A Dangerous and Difficult Season for Millions of Christians

For persecuted Christians around the world, Christmas brings increased persecution and requires greater caution.

Brian - Dec 21, 2017

“Let Them Live to Tell”—Terrorists Kill Their Father but Spare Two Boys

Marco, 14, and Mina, 10, saw their father killed before their eyes after he refused to deny Jesus.

Lindy Lowry - Dec 21, 2017

Petitions, the United Nations and a God Who Sees

Open Doors UK CEO Lisa Pierce shares why advocacy is such an important part of the work Open Doors’ does–and how God uses our collective voices to care for His suffering people.