Month: May 2018

Lindy Lowry - May 31, 2018

Cross Draws Ethiopian Muslim to Christ–Secret Faith Brings Peace in Midst of Family’s Vow to Kill Him

In Ethiopia (#29 on the World Watch List), government regulations restrict the freedom of religion, while in some parts of the country conservative Muslims pose challenges for believers, especially converts from Islam. Arrests and disappearances of believers are common in Ethiopia, and those who leave Islam face harsh mistreatment from family members. For Ibrahim*, family […]

Lindy Lowry - May 29, 2018

“Our God Is Stronger Than Persecution”—Egyptian Widow Shares Courageous Message a Year After Attack

The widow of a laborer who died during last May’s ISIS attacks on vehicles traveling to a monastery in Egypt remembers the day off her husband’s death and reflects on the last year without him.

Brett Tarbell - May 27, 2018

Indian Pastor Beaten, Thrown Into Ditch–But Persecutors Shocked by What God Does Next

Increasingly, the leaders of village churches in India are bearing the brunt of Christian persecution, often finding themselves the first target of Hindu extremists.

Lindy Lowry - May 24, 2018

The Radical Forgiveness One Egyptian Mother Has for Her Son’s Murderers

On May 26, 2017, 28 Christians traveling to a monastery in Egypt’s Minya region died for their faith when ISIS militants attacked their bus.

Lindy Lowry - May 21, 2018

Once a Persecutor, Now a Christ Follower–Former Muslim Shares How He Met Jesus During Ramadan

Former Muslims, now Christians, share their stories of finding Jesus during Ramadan and the catalytic impact of their newfound faith on their lives.

Lindy Lowry - May 16, 2018

In Egypt, Families of 21 Martyrs Beheaded by ISIS Feel ‘Inner Peace’ After Remains Returned

Families of the 21 martyrs, more than 40 area priests and residents of Al-Our and nearby villages came together in a morning mass to celebrate the return of their loved ones. 

Ryan - May 15, 2018

As Ramadan Begins, Egypt’s Christians Reflect on Tragic Year But Resolve to Be Light in Darkness

In the last year, Egypt has been hit with one persecution act after another. While there’s fear, especially as Egypt heads into Ramadan, that fear is mixed with strong faith.

Christopher Summers - May 15, 2018

See How Christians in Egypt Show Their Love for the Cross with This Simple Tattoo

Why Egyptian Christians stand out during Ramadan.

Lindy Lowry - May 14, 2018

8 Ways You Can Be a Voice for the Persecuted Church

Did you know that: Every day, one in 12 Christians in the world experiences high, very high, or extreme persecution for following Jesus. Every month, 66 churches are attacked, burned or vandalized. Each day, six Christian women are raped, sexually harassed or forced into marriage. Every month, 2,800 Christians are forced to leave their home […]

Brian - May 13, 2018

Breaking: Family Launches Suicide Attacks on 3 Churches in Indonesia

Three bombs exploded across three churches in Indonesia’s Surabaya, capital of East Java province, on Sunday morning.