Month: June 2018

Lindy Lowry - Jun 29, 2018

A Dozen Christian Villages in Nigeria Wiped Out in Four-Day Killing Spree

In only days, a dozen villages in Nigeria were wiped out and more than 200 Christians killed.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 27, 2018

Sub-Saharan Africa a Persecution Powder Keg—Recent Nigerian Attack Kills More Than 200 Christians

Across the world’s second-largest continent, Christians are under fire right now in West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and now Southeast Africa.

Joshua Pease - Jun 24, 2018

10 of the Top Persecutors of Christians Around the World Today

Christian persecution is on the rise and these are some of the worst offenders around the world.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 23, 2018

Susanna Koh Calls for Prayer, Pleads for Action on Breakthrough in Pastor Raymond’s Abduction

On May 12, Susanna Koh, wife of abducted Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh, got the breakthrough she has been praying for… confirming her belief that Raymond was taken because of his faith.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 22, 2018

Finally Free After 11 Years in Eritrean Prison, Tortured Pastor Refused to Deny Christ

For 11 years in Eritrea, Pastor Teklheimanot spent his days imprisoned in Mitire Camp known as a military concentration camp.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 22, 2018

Just When She Was Losing Hope, Church Bomb Survivor Gets Life-Changing Answer to Prayer

Egyptian church bombing survivor Samiha can now neither hear, smell, nor see on the right side of her face and can barely lift her badly damaged hand.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 20, 2018

UPDATE: Pray for Isolated Saudi Mom Nawal Still Living in Secrecy

The outside world still thinks Nawal is a Muslim. She doesn’t discuss her personal faith with others, afraid of the consequences that come when a Saudi mom is discovered as a Christian believer.

David Wright - Jun 20, 2018

28 Days Before Next Hearing, Pressure to Free U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Heats Up

With 28 days remaining before the next hearing for U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson, U.S. lawmakers and international groups are turning up the pressure on Turkey’s leaders to release the North Carolina native.

Robert Kenna - Jun 20, 2018

The Future of Christianity in India Belongs to Believers Like Bahia

“We refused to give up our faith, which made them very angry.”

Lindy Lowry - Jun 14, 2018

Persecution on Global Stage at World Cup–7 Participating Countries on World Watch List

Over the next month, we can look to these seven countries on the World Watch List as reminders to pray and as prime examples of how persecution is strengthening the church.