Month: October 2018

Lindy Lowry - Oct 31, 2018

5 Things Christians Need to Know About Asia Bibi and the Church in Pakistan

With Asia’s release comes the threat of persecution of all Christians in Pakistan where Muslim extremists wage war against anyone who turns from Islam.

Robert Kenna - Oct 31, 2018

Asia Bibi: Pakistani Christian on Death Row for Blasphemy Released from Prison

We praise God for the Supreme Court’s release of Asia Bibi in Pakistan today!

Lindy Lowry - Oct 29, 2018

Stand With 300K Christians in North Korea on Nov. 4 for International Day of Prayer

For the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, Open Doors is standing with North Korean believers and persecuted Christians around the world.

Lindy Lowry - Oct 25, 2018

The Secret and Surprising Ways Christians Worship in North Korea

Today, hundreds of thousands of Christians in North Korea’s underground church, estimated at 300,000, find secret ways to worship Jesus and follow Him.

Lindy Lowry - Oct 25, 2018

Why Does Kim Jong-Un Pretend to Care About Christianity?

Is Kim Jong Un’s invitation to the Pope part of a culture known for its penchant to create facades in an attempt to tell a radically different story than the truth that has been credibly reported for decades?

Lindy Lowry - Oct 24, 2018

‘Thank You for Making Me Believe Angels Exist’–100 Displaced Nigerian Families Renewed With Your Help

Many times, Christian persecution comes in waves. In places like Nigeria, Christians are constant targets of multiple Islamic extremist groups. Wherever they go, persecution follows for often internally displaced believers.

Lindy Lowry - Oct 23, 2018

China Shutters 6 More Christian Churches, Tears Down Crosses

Authorities in China have closed at least six “underground” Protestant churches in Guizhou province in Southwest China, for being “illegal religious venues.”

Christopher Summers - Oct 22, 2018

Why Is Kim Jong Un So Afraid of Christianity?

In North Korea, Christians continue to be seen as “dangerous” and part of the country’s hostile class.

Lindy Lowry - Oct 16, 2018

Boko Haram Sect Vows to Keep Leah Sharibu ‘Slave for Life’

Boko Haram sect releases a video of a second execution and also threatens to keep 15-year-old Christian schoolgirl Leah Sharibu and third kidnapped aid worker as “slaves for life.”

Lindy Lowry - Oct 13, 2018

As Deadline Looms for Leah Sharibu, Mother Makes Urgent Plea for Help

Last week, the mother of Leah Sharibu took desperate steps, traveling to Jos to hold a press conference to bring her anguish and urgent plea to a mass audience for the release of her daughter.