Month: May 2019

Lindy Lowry - May 31, 2019

A Voice for the Persecuted Church—Is It You?

When Open Doors Founder Brother Andrew returned from his first visit behind the Iron Curtain in July 1955, he hadn’t been home a week before the invitations began to come in. “Churches, clubs, civic groups, schools; everybody wanted to know about life behind the Iron Curtain,” he shares in God’s Smuggler. He goes on to […]

Lindy Lowry - May 29, 2019

Nigeria Attack Survivor: ‘I Have Seen the Love of God’

Nigeria attack survivor Aisha recently shared how the violence has impacted her and her family–and how God is at work in the midst of devastation.

Al Janssen - May 29, 2019

A Ramadan Celebration

A surprise encounter with a Muslim father celebrating his jihadist son’s martyrdom offers sobering insight from Brother Andrew.

Lindy Lowry - May 28, 2019

4 Killed in New Burkina Faso Church Attack–Fourth Deadly Raid in 4 Weeks

A new church attack in Burkina Faso has killed four and continues the wave of deadly violence on Christians in the West African country.

Lindy Lowry - May 24, 2019

‘Your prayers saved my life!’—Somali Believer Escapes Death

Somali believer Ayaan shares how she escaped death in the Horn of Africa. She’s praying to be a missionary to her people.

Lindy Lowry - May 23, 2019

Praise Report: Special Task Force to Investigate Pastor Raymond Koh’s Abduction

For Susanna Koh, the appointment of a special task force to investigate the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh is an answer to prayer.

Christopher Summers - May 23, 2019

Why Indian leader Modi’s Big Win is an ‘Absolute Tragedy’ for Christians

What does Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s landslide victory mean for Christians?

Lindy Lowry - May 22, 2019

Urgent Prayer: Pastor, 16 Church Members Kidnapped in Nigeria

A pastor and 16 church members have been kidnapped in Nigeria. Attackers surrounded the church during a choir practice.

Al Janssen - May 22, 2019

A Good Time to Pray

How can we make our news watching a regular time of prayer for our brothers and sisters?

Lindy Lowry - May 21, 2019

In Africa, Christians Are in the Flames of Persecution—and On Fire for Jesus

Throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Christians are being held, feet to the flames, and told to deny Christ.