3 horrific attacks leave Egyptian Christians reeling

September 12, 2022 by Noah Cassetto in Middle East

On June 5th, Kirollos Nagah Megali, an Egyptian believer, was attacked by a stranger. The man got off his bike and stabbed Kirollos multiple times before he could defend himself. Kirollos succumbed to his injuries three days later in the hospital.

When Kirollos’ brother, Mehat, tried to press charges against Abdullah Hosni, the attacker, Hosni’s family claimed he was insane, even purchasing a medical certificate proving his mental condition. This is a common defense for many criminals in Egypt.  

What Mehat did not understand was how Hosni could be mentally fit to travel and work and then claim mental illness after killing Kirollos. Hosni also reportedly has ties to Islamic extremist groups in Libya. 

Hosni has attacked Christians before. Two years ago, Hosni assaulted another Coptic Christian and was quickly arrested and sentenced to one year in prison. Following a civil reconciliation trial, however, Hosni was freed. These trials often favor Muslims over Christians—Christians often have to drop their accusations and appease the Muslim parties. 

Just a few weeks earlier, in May, Rani Ra’fat was shot 22 times and killed outside his shop. Rani was a Coptic Christian from northwest Egypt and taught engineering classes at a nearby school.  

The attackers escaped by car and have not been found by authorities, but a man who calls himself Faisal Abdul Nasser posted a TikTok video in which he claims to have killed Rani out of loyalty to Allah. 

“I am delighted that I killed him on behalf of Muhammad’s umma (i.e., the Muslim world],” he said in the video, accusing Ra’fat of being a “polytheist” who “profanes our women”, as reported by Coptic Solidarity.  

Nasser said: “I am zealous over and sacrifice for Islam” and that he had “no problem surrendering” himself to the police. At the time of publication, however, no arrests had been made.  

Rani faced attacks even before his death. His father detailed that Rani was attacked in December 2021 and beaten with a shotgun, forcing him to move to the shop where he was killed. 

In yet another attack on April 7th, Coptic priest Arsanius Wadeed was stabbed to death by Nehru Abdel-Moneim Tawfiq, a man with ties to Islamic extremism. On June 12th, however, an Egyptian court sentenced Tawfiq to death for the murder, a meaningful signal to the country that Christians deserve similar protections as the Muslim majority.  

These three stories weigh heavy on our hearts. Join us in standing with our brothers and sisters in Egypt.  

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Lord, we ask that you be with the families of Kirollos, Rani and Arsanius. Guide their steps through this season of mourning and keep their faith strong in you. We pray for justice for these families and a spirit of peace to come over Egypt. In Jesus’ name, amen.