3 Prayer Points for the Rohingya, Facing Persecution + Violence

September 5, 2017 by Janelle P in Asia

Often called the most persecuted minority in the world, Rohingya Muslims have been increasingly treated as illegal and denied basic rights in Myanmar.

There are 1.1 million in this people group, and they reside in a country that is 90% Buddhist. Now, many are fleeing for their lives. 


Government forces have historically sought to drive the group out and kill them, and during the past year, this cruelty has gotten increasingly violent. The defenders of this group warn of unfolding genocide.

The latest government crackdown at the end of August forced at least 123,000 Rohingyas to flee to Bangladesh. The deaths associated will continue to rise, too, as Myanmar has blocked UN agencies from delivering vital food, water and medicine supplies to those in desperate need.

“By blocking access for humanitarian organizations, Myanmar’s authorities have put tens of thousands of people at risk and shown a callous disregard for human life,” Tirana Hassan, Amnesty International’s director for crisis response, said in a statement.


A report released in early September by the Burma Human Rights Network shows the rise in systemic abuses against Muslims in this region, including declared “Muslim-free zones”, denial of ID cards and banning of Islamic holidays.

This report has brought forth anger from Muslim groups and jihadists around the world.

Al Qaeda’s Yemeni members have called for retaliatory attacks, while the Afghan Taliban has called Muslims to, “use their abilities to help Burma’s oppressed Muslims.”


With villages still in flames, the exodus is expected to continue. If the situation does not stabilize, there will be more Rohingya refugees flooding neighboring nations.

This will leave the group facing a growing risk of violence and food shortages, Amnesty International said.


The Rohingya people are on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. Their government in Myanmar is denying life-saving aid that this group desperately needs.

Through the work we do, we know there are many Muslim-background believers within the Rohingya group. Will you join us to stand in prayer for this group, which includes our brothers and sisters, today?

  1. The Journey. Lord, we pray for You to grant the Rohingya people safe passage as they flee their homes and villages in search of refuge in Bangladesh. May You guide and sustain them as they search for basic necessities, such as food and shelter. We pray that aid would still reach them, despite the ban from the government.
  2. Myanmar’s Leader. We also pray for Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Myanmar. She has been under fire for her silence about these violations and overall treatment of the Rohingya. We pray for her heart to be softened. May she not have a hard heart as Pharaoh did (throughout the book of Exodus) when He saw the oppression of people, but rather, that she would have a genuine compassion towards these injustices. We pray for a change in her heart.
  3. Rohingya Believers. Our hearts are specifically for our brothers and sisters within the Rohingya people group today. There are Christians trying to live out their faith despite this extreme persecution that their entire people group is facing. May believers be given favor with those around them, to make the gospel beautiful despite the sorrow that surrounds them. May they be given opportunities to share of their hope to those around them walking in darkness and uncertainty.

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