3 Ways To Help Meriam Ibrahim- A Sudanese Christian Sentenced To Death For Her Faith

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Meriam Ibrahim- A Sudanese Christian Sentenced To Death

Here is an article from the Open Doors USA Advocacy Director, Kristin Wright. Take moment to see how you can help this brave Christian woman.

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, a wife and mother sentenced to death in Sudan for her Christian faith, has given birth to a daughter while chained in prison. Meriam’s new daughter, Maya, was born on Tuesday, May 27, and joins her 20-month-old brother, Martin.

Meriam was eight months pregnant when she was forced to appear before a court on charges of “apostasy” and “adultery.” When she refused to renounce her Christian faith she was sentenced to death by hanging ‘ and to 100 lashes for her marriage to a Christian man.

Now Meriam remains in prison, along with her newborn baby girl and her 20-month-old son. Her health is currently at risk. Reports have circulated of her imminent release, but the Sudanese government has retracted the claim, stating that her release is contingent upon the court accepting an appeal request made by her defense team. This is why it is so important for us to act on Meriam’s behalf.

The date of Meriam’s execution has not yet been announced. Sudan’s Criminal Code maintains that she must be kept alive to give birth and nurse her child for two years before her execution.


People around the world are remembering Meriam Ibrahim in their prayers. Please pray for this courageous wife and mother:

  • Pray for protection from harm for her, her toddler and newborn baby in prison
  • Pray for encouragement for Meriam and her husband as they endure this protracted situation
  • Pray for Meriam’s release from prison and reunion with her family
  • Pray for freedom of faith for all people in Sudan

Take Action

Now more than ever, it is crucial to keep Meriam’s case in the international spotlight. You can do this by reading about Meriam’s case and sharing it with your friends via email and social media.

This case has remained in the news because people like you are willing to speak on Meriam’s behalf. Learn more details about Meriam’s case here and tweet your support using the following hashtags:

  • #SaveMeriam
  • #FreeMeriam
  • #FreeMeriamIbrahim


Christians like Meriam are persecuted in many areas of the world, and often women and children find themselves particular targets for violence and oppression. Open Doors is at work in Sudan and in many other countries, working to protect and empower women like Meriam with life-changing programs. Learn more about our Women and Children Advancement programs and get involved today.

Thank you for being a voice for Meriam and for other courageous believers throughout the world.

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