The 5-5-5 Challenge: Christian Persecution In The Palestinian Territories

September 17, 2013 by Open Doors in ,

Palestinian Territories *Representative photo used to protect identity It is always wonderful to hear a praise report- especially in an area that has experienced so much violence over the years. Despite the tension that normally fills this region, God is uniting His church in a powerful way. The following is an amazing account of how a group of Christian teenagers from the Palestinian Territories and Israel are sharing the light of Christ with their community. Everyone in the audience smiled, as they watched Esther dance. The small 13-year-old Jewish girl passionately danced her solo to the Arabic worship song. Her arms swung to the right first, then to the left, before she fell on her knees. In the background, an 18-year-old Arab boy named Nasheed hummed along with the song. The King’s Kids are on an Open Doors supported tour. The teenagers, five Arab Christians and four Messianic Jews, normally dance in Israel to spread the gospel, but this summer they are doing a tour abroad. These teenagers have a heart for God and a heart for unity for the church in their region. “Without God we wouldn’t have been able to do this together,” they shared. “We are one amazing family,” says Nasheed. “We all want to live for God and that is what binds us.” “Being Arab and Jewish, and getting along so well is something special,” explains 16-year-old Achi-Noam from Jerusalem. “There is a lot of hatred between Jews and Arabs in Israel. But we go against the current; we choose not to participate in this hate.” Please continue to pray for these teenagers, that they would continue to act in unity as they share the light of Christ with those around them. PalestinianTerritories Learn More & Pray

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