The 5-5-5 Challenge: What Life Is Like As A Christian In Morocco

October 7, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

Morocco *Representative photo used to protect identity. Youseff had been searching for the truth since he was a schoolboy. “When I still was at school, I wanted to know the ‘true’ religion. I started reading Koran and the Bible to see which of them would speak to me,” Youseff shares “After ten minutes of reading the Koran, I got scared. I also did not agree with a lot of the Koran’s teachings on what was acceptable. On the other hand I loved to read the Bible, I could read the Bible for three hours at a time.” He met a missionary and this man shared the gospel with him and helped him understand more about it. Youseff still wanted to understand more about the Koran too. “I went to speak to one of the leaders of the local mosque. This man told me however that I shouldn’t question God.” After reading the Bible more and speaking with the missionary, Youseff turned to Jesus. Right after this he had to pass through some tough times. “When I told my mother that I had become a Christian, she told me to leave the house. I had to stay at a friend’s house.” Later he was able to return home again. Because of his conversion Youseff lost all his friends he had before that. He visited an international church, but because of the police force he had to stop going there. “I was invited to a house group.” Youseff started sharing about his new faith. He spoke to his family and one aunt became a Christian. Some of his friends came back to him. “Only a few did ask me to tell more about my faith. One is particularly interested. I am sharing a lot with him, I can see how he is slowly changing.” Youseff hopes that in future he will have his own apartment where he will be able to invite other Christians to pray and study the Bible together. It is important to pray for Youseff. That he might be an example to his family, that they will see the truth through his life. Pray also for his friend that is interested in his new faith and pray for the apartment he wants to have to meet with other Christians. Morocco Image