5 Ways To Be A Part Of IDOP 2014

September 10, 2014 by Open Doors in

IDOP 2014 Nigeria Pray The International Day of Prayer (IDOP) is a global day of prayer for persecuted Christians around the world, which will take place on Sunday, November 2nd. The primary focus of IDOP is prayer- Prayer for the persecuted, prayer for their oppressors, prayer for the nations that promote persecution, and those who ignore it. IDOP is an annual event sponsored by Open Doors, to pray for persecuted believers around the world who share our faith, but not our freedom. This is a great event for your small group or church to partake in. Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Order 2 wristbands for everyone in your small group or church- one for them, and one to give away, so that they can spread the word about praying for persecuted Christians on IDOP.
  2. Hold your own event. Download bulletin inserts to advertise for your gathering- whether small or large! Have a few friends get together, or call your entire church to join in praying for these believers. Be the one to bring others together on behalf of those suffering for their beliefs.
  3. Sign-up for the IDOP live interactive Webcast! Join this live event, and hear from Christians who are persecuted for their faith, as well as from special guests, like David Platt, Nik Ripken and musical guest Selah.
  4. Meditate on bible verses that discuss persecution. You can use this while praying on IDOP, or in preparation when you are sharing with others about the importance of prayer. (John 15:18, Matthew 5:11-12, Acts 12:5, 1 Corinthians 4:12, and Hebrew 13:3 are good places to start). More verses are available in our IDOP kit.
  5. Learn about how Christians are being persecuted around the world specifically through checking out the World Watch List, watching videos discussing their plight and read about what they face daily.

Join us for IDOP this year, and stand united with these believers who are enduring so much for Jesus’ Name.

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