555 Challenge- Somalia

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

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The atmosphere in most Somali cities is chaotic yet functional. Even though an education policy does not exist, private schools are thriving. These are run on various curricula, depending on the founder’s education background. It seems with the reasonably working public transport, brisk business at the markets, electricity and running water, Somalis are trying hard to find a constructive middle ground amidst the hostile environment.

Seeing people get shot is such a normal part of daily life that no one seems to take notice anymore. They simply wait for the bodies to be cleared only to resume business as quickly as possible. With no justice system in place, there is no room for fist fights or slaps. Armed violence is common and is used to deal with disagreements which generally end in death. Many times more deaths follow when the deceased’s fellow gang members retaliate.

The hardest part to understand is the fact that the human life seems to have lost its value. Everyone accepts that they can die any moment.

It is astounding that there is a Church at all. When these believers embraced Christ, they embraced martyrdom. They are prepared to pay the price for their faith. However, one should not think the complications don’t affect them. The believers remain in tremendous need of our prayers.

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