555 Challenge Week #46 Colombia

November 25, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

Colombia *Representative photo used to protect identity. On February 12th 2011, Aira’s 9-year-old daughter and her husband, Maximiliano Suarez, (who was a pastor of a local church) were killed. The murder has left the family grief-stricken; the pain of the absence sometimes gets greater, other times it’s gone. The surviving family members have participated in trauma counseling (organized by Open Doors) They have received financial support and food, allowance to rent and the spiritual and psychological following up through our collaborators in the region. One Open Doors co-worker said, “Although we cannot be there all the time with our persecuted brothers and sisters, we are attending to them by phone, getting them involved in activities and trainings that we know will help them in the healing process.” “The fight is constant, but we feel joyful in knowing there are people who are praying for us, it encourages us when we receive the visitors from Open Doors, it is so helpful,” says one family member. “It is not easy to be hopeful, in a place where the daily bread is death, and Christians are the target of violence and persecutions, because they are the only ones who do not accept the threats and pressures of the rebel groups,” added another family member. Give to Colombia